If you have landed here then I believe you are already aware about the amazing features of Tinder as it is one of the most popular online dating apps. The app asks you to login with Facebook before you can use Tinder. However, it has been noticed there are many users who wish to use Tinder without Facebook. If you are of those who do not wish to link Tinder with Facebook then keep reading this tutorial.

There could be many reasons to avoid linking Tinder with Facebook. One of them is you don’t want your facebook friends to notice you on Tinder. In such cases you have options to use Tinder without Facebook. However there is no official feature of Tinder which lets you to use Tinder withour fb but I am going to share a work around with you to use tinder without linking it to facebook.

Why Tinder Asks You To Login With Facebook ?

Tinder asks you to login with facebook as soon as you download the app. One of the obvious reasons is it extracts all of your basic information including your profile picture from FB directly and saving your time.

There are many good souls who like to create multiple fake profiles on Tinder which will create nothing other then junk. To overcome this linking your account with Facebook also helps Tinder to authenticate your identity. Tinder may never extract sensitive information from Facebook but still for few obvious reasons you would still not want Tinder to ask you to login using Facebook.

Reasons To Avoid Linking Tinder With Facebook

While we have reasons for linking Tinder and Facebook, we also have reasons against this linkage of social media account. There are several facts which we can take into account and when analyzed closely, it will reveal that linkage of Facebook will violate privacy of individuals in many ways. Given below are some facts on why you can avoid linking Tinder with Facebook account.

  1. Contacts Sync

    First of all, when you accidentally allow Tinder to view your contacts it gets access to see all your contacts, and finds the match for you amongst them. You certainly do not want such thing to happen because it will not be fair enough if you give information about your contacts to a dating app.

  2. Auto Syncing Of Facebook Photos

    Another important concern for Tinder user is the automatic syncing of photographs. There are certain pictures which you do not want the other person, especially the one who would be approaching you for date, to be able to see. In order to have a look at person and see how he/she looks, there is no need to display all the pictures of you. Thus, many users are not comfortable in sharing all their Facebook pictures on a dating app.

  3. Privacy Compromise

    Since, your Tinder is linked to Facebook there are chances your dating history will become public if either of the two accounts gets hacked. This would be unfair on the part of user because these are sensitive things and nobody would like if their dating history goes public.

Well, there is no official feature in Tinder to use it without linking with your Facebook account. But, there are certain ways in which you can protect your privacy policy on Tinder.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

Given below are methods in which you can use Tinder without Facebook. Take a proper look at these methods.

  1. Improve Facebook policies

    This is one of the easiest ways. You can simply increase the privacy of your Facebook account, and not much of your details will b leaked out on other apps. Also, you will be able to restrict Tinder from having access to all the details.

    • You can log in to your Facebook account and tap the lock icon.
    • Then you must click on the option ‘See more settings.’
    • You must navigate to app section and click on Tinder.
    • Then you can change the ‘App visibility’ option to ‘Only me.’

    By doing this, Tinder will not be able to post your activities on Facebook.

  2. Create new Facebook account

    Another simplest way of using Tinder without Facebook is by creating a new profile. We are not encouraging fake accounts, but you can use one account to carry on your normal Facebook activities, and other one for Tinder. You can add limited stock of photos which you are comfortable in sharing on dating sites. Also, you can add only those details which you would like other people to see on dating sites. This is the most convenient option for anyone who is not willing to link their Facebook account with that of Tinder.
    To create a new account you have just follow these steps.

    • First of all you have to open Facebook signup page where you can easily create a new Facebook Account. Before this you have to create a new email address which will be different from your previous account.
      Now fill all of your personal details like your name, email address, password, gender and others.
    • After successfully creating an account login with your new Facebook account on Facebook.
    • Now open Tinder app and tap in the settings of the app.
    • Logout your Tinder account if you have already login.
    • Next you have to click on login with Facebook button.
    • Now tinder will automatically link to your account and you can easily access Tinder without using your Facebook account.
  3. Change settings of Tinder App

    As of now, we only knew about changing the privacy settings of Facebook to protect your information from going out. But, there are few changes you can make on Tinder app also to avoid the interference of social media on your dating history. Just follow the steps given below.

    • You can launch Tinder app from your Android or iOS device.
    • Go to settings and deselect the option that says “Show me on Tinder Social.”

    In this way, you can limit your Tinder activities from showing up on Facebook.

  4. Try suggesting Tinder to change their policies

    This is not really a sure shot solution to your problem, but you can try doing this. There are many people who are unhappy about Tinder being linked to their Facebok account. So, you can tap on ‘Contact’ option and suggest Tinder authority to allow Tinder login without Facebook. Once they receive the suggestion from a number of people, the authority and app developers will definitely consider revising their rules and regulations.

Final Words

Hence, we have already mentioned that there is no such official hack using which you can prevent Tinder from linking with your Facebook. By following the above mentioned methods, you can certainly limit the amount of interference Tinder makes on social media account. So users are suggested to follow these steps only to protect their privacy and not for any other purposes. The above mentioned steps are totally legal unless the individual gets indulged in unhealthy activity.


  1. I just changed my Facebook profile picture but it’s not showing up as the new picture on Tinder, how can I change it?It is one of the most common problem for Tinder user. Since your Facebook and Tinder accounts are linked but it doesn’t share any data to each other. Both apps are completely separate so you have to do changes on both Facebook and tinder apps. If you want to change profile picture of your Tinder account you have to go to tinder account. Click on profile tap and here you can easily change profile picture of your Tinder account.
  2. I just created a fake Facebook account to sync with Tinder but when I go to login, Tinder wants to use my real account and not my fake account. How do I use my fake account?Most of the people use the tinder app but they don’t want to use their real Facebook account. All of you must want to hide your identity from Tinder app. For this you have to create a Fake Facebook account and then login to Tinder with your new Fake account. If you have already login with your real Facebook account on Tinder you have to follow these simple steps to hide your identity and use Tinder without Your Facebook account.
    • First of all you have to logout of the tinder app from your phone.
    • Now go to settings and find Facebook from apps option. From there you have to delete the Tinder permissions linked with your profile.
    • Now logout from Facebook so that you will get start a fresh process where nothing is synced.
    • Open your Facebook app and login with your new Facebook account.
    • Next to open Tinder app on your smartphone and click on login with Facebook to sync the apps.
    • Now all done. Use your fake Facebook account to use Tinder.
  3. How do I fix the “Whoops! An error occurred while requesting a token for SMS Verification. Please try again.” error message?This is another common error when you are verifying your Facebook account with your Tinder account. To remove this error you have to follow these simple steps on your smartphone.
    • First of all try force quit and get out if the app. It would reset the SMS verification tool on your smartphone.
    • If in case the above method not work, try to uninstall and delete Tinder from your phone and settings of the Facebook account. Tap on Facebook settings and delete the sync between Facebook and Tinder app.
    • Now again install Tinder app and again try to login and sync both account. Make sure you are login with your Facebook account you want to link, not from your personal account.


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