There is no doubt one of the biggest achievements of sophisticated technology is producing the devices which are free from wires. Wireless has become the new cool. The latest and most preferred of all is wireless chargers for android.

Nobody wants to get stuck in a corner with their hands tangled around the charging wires. So here are the top 10 cheap wireless chargers for Android in 2018 which you can buy for your smart phones. I along with my team have tested many wireless chargers and USB charging stations and based on or experience and customer reviews I am listing down top list of wireless chargers.

Top 10 Wireless Chargers for Android in 2018

  1. Anker PowerPort Qi 10 Wireless Charging Pad

    It is indeed a power port which can draw output up to a level of 10 W. However, you can integrate it with Quick Charge 3.0 which you will have to purchase separately. When analyzed its properties and function, it was found that it charges the device faster than standard wireless chargers. The manual says it can charge two times faster as compared to other similar wireless chargers. The design is extremely good and it is light in weight.

    As soon as you place your phone, the LEDs light shine to show let you know about the status of charging. They turn off after 10 seconds. It is provided with a 3 foot micro USB cable and can be placed on night stand also. You will have to remove the phone case before charging because it has got only single coil.

    Anker Fast Wireless Charger

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  2. Satechi Wireless Charging Pad

    This is as good as Samsung’s exclusive wireless charging pad. It supports fast charging for majority of Android devices and also the new members of market. With stylish design, it has a circular metal rim and shiny black pad with rubber cross in it to support charging. The rubber cross in the centre makes sure that you phone does not slip easily. It charges 1.4 times faster than other wireless charging ports. The LED light turns from blue to green when your device is completely charged. It has a compatible micros USB cable in it but you will have to use your own port for better results.

    Satechi Wireless Charging Pad

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  3. FLI Charge

    Most of the wireless chargers do not support multiple devices at same time. This one feature is smartly available in the FLI charger. Not just multiple devices, but it can also accommodate two different devices for charging. This is light in weight, rectangular in shape, and connects through magnetism principles. It has USB connectors on top and once placed, it provides 40 watts of charge to your device. Unlike other wireless chargers, you do not have to place your device in a particular orientation to let it charge successfully. You must have individual charging plug for each device.

    FLI Charge

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  4. Itian Charging Stand

    This sleek and stylish wireless charging stand is usually compatible with Samsung Galaxy series smart phones only. To make it even faster, it has Quick Charge 2.0 adaptive fast charger. With standard charger, your speed will be a bit slow. You can place your phone in vertically slant position and it has anti-scratch pad to protect the back side of your device. There is an LED light which indicates that your charger is working. You are provided with cable in this wireless charging box, but the power adapter is not included.

    Itian Charging Stand

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  5. Choetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger

    This looks extremely classy and neat as compared to all other wireless chargers in the market. It holds your device at a slanting position and is provided with three coils. You can charge your phone in both landscape as well a portrait mode along with case around it. It has rubber feet at the bottom which makes sure that it does not slip. It has four pinholes that lit up in blue color when your device in charging and it starts flashing if there is any issue.

    Choetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger

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  6. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

    This amazing circular wireless charger from Samsung can quickly charge your device because of its fast charging technology. The charging is about 1.4 times faster and the rim of rubber around it makes sure that your phone does not slip off. The bright blue LED turns green when your device is fully charged. It winks when there is some issue with charging. All the Qi supported device can be charged and it has a little fan to stabilize the temperature. It is available in black or white color.

    Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

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  7. Montar Air Car Mount

    This is one of the innovative products that give you the privilege to enjoy wireless charging. Your Qi supported device can be charged through this device even if it is connected to the car. It is 6 inches in size and works as charger as well as cradle for car. It is adjustable and can accommodate larger phones also. The micros USB cable comes along with the package and power adapter lights up to indicate that device is charging. You can rotate it as per the desired angle through ball joint.

    Montar Air Car Mount

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  8. TYLT VU

    This was one of the first manufacturers to introduce wireless chargers in market. It has a 45 degree slant which looks like a cradle and gives it a stylish matte look. It has three coils and hence, you can keep your phone in any position. Also the LED turns green to indicate that it is charging. It has a nice and clean design along with a very soft plastic texture around it. On the other hand, this wireless charger is a bit costly as compared to the other products of same quality in the market.


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  9. Fonesalesman QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank

    This is a device which elevates the level of wireless charging by introducing wireless power bank. Any Qi supported device can be charged with this power bank. As soon as you place your device, it produces a beep sound with blue LED light. Four green LED lights are there to indicate how much charge is left in the 4000 mAh internal battery of this power bank. It also has a micro USB cable port for those devices which does not support wireless charging.

    Fonesalesman QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank

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  10. Yootech Wireless Charging Pad

    It is one of the most pocket friendly wireless charging solutions in the market. It is curved but triangular in shape along with a grip pad to avoid your device from slipping. The small LED lights up green when charging is in process and turns red when there is no charge. It also flashes green as well as red when the device is not in a correct position. It comes with micro USB cable but wall charger is not available in the box.

    Yootech Wireless Charging Pad

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The above-mentioned wireless chargers are one of the most recommended in the market. Pick any one of them from above and enjoy the hassle free charging.


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