A good web browser on android can literally enhance your entire browsing experience. I hope you understand the fact that a right browser is a primary requirement while running on android. The default web browser which we get on android is Google Chrome which is really fast, secure and trust worthy, however if you wish to use alternate popular web browser apps on your android then keep reading below.

I am listing down top 10 free web browsers for android which you can download from Playstore and install on your android. You can also check out free vpn apps for android.

Android Browsers

Top 10 Popular Android Browsers Of 2018

  1. Google Chrome

    Google ChromeGoogle Chrome is one of the best free secure and most popular android browser app. It has option to sync with google chrome on desktop. You can easily use unlimited browsing tabs at a same time using this browsing app. Along with browsing it also brings you personalized news articles, quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and Google Search.

    It has also an option to use Incognito mode so that you can browse internet without saving your history. It also keeps your phone safe by showing warnings to you when you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.

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  2. Brave Browser

    Brave BrowserBrave Browser is a fast, free and secure web browser for android users. It has built-in Adblock, tracking and security protection so that you can block unwanted ads and secure your browsing data. It also has most popular feature as bookmark, download, history, and a incognito mode.

    One of the best feature of this app is to reduce page loading time, improve performance and guards from ads infected with malware. It has an option to increase speed on android so you will see direct reduction of battery and data plan consumption.

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  3. Firefox

    FirefoxFirefox is a smart, fast, secure and personal web browser app for android users. It is independent and popular browser made by Mozilla. It is voted for most trusted Internet browser for privacy. You can easily browse data from this browser in safe and secure mode.

    As like Chrome it has also private browsing option so that you can hide your browsing history from the browser. You can also sync firefox across the different devices after creating an account on it. With firefox account you can easily access your history, bookmarks and open tabs from your desktop on your smartphone and tablet.

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  4.  Opera Mini

    Opera MiniOpera Mini web browser is another amazing and popular android browsers which let you to easily browse internet on your android device. It is fast, safe mobile web browser app which let you to do everything you want to online without wasting your data plan. You can also save your data plan using this browser.

    One of the best feature of this web browsing app is to provide latest news for free. You can also get news, cricket, football and other game score updates on your mobile for free. It has also an Facebook notification bar which provide notification of Facebook.

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  5. Dolphin

    DolphinDolphin is a popular android browsers app with decent set of features. It supports themes, flash player, ad-block, and also gesture controls. Dolphin is the best internet explorer browser app for android with fast loading speed.

    It has built-in AdBlock which block all annoying pop up ads from the web so that you can easily use internet on your android device. One of the best feature of this browser is Flash player so that you can get best gaming and HD video experience.

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  6. Flynx

    FlynxFlynx is a best platform which helps you to open articles and links from different apps like twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and other. You can easily read the web on this smart browser app on you android device. It has an intelligent feature which block all of the ads and unnecessary clutter from the article.

    You can easily browse the data on this browser in data saving mode. It displays news articles and blogs in a beautiful, easy-on-eyes view, allowing you to focus only on meaningful content. You can also save articles offline so that you can easily read it without internet connection.

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  7. UC Browser

    UC BrowserUC Browser is a free web browser for android device with some different and unique features. You can easily use this app on your android device which let you to block unwanted ads with its ad-block functionality. It also allows you to get latest news, cricket, football and other game score updates for free.

    You can also visit many different cricket websites and support your team and watch live cricket and also check live score on this android browsers. One of the best feature of this app is to supports night mode so that you can use this app more comfortably at night.

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  8. Maxthon

    Maxthon BrowserMaxthon is one of the highest rated android browsers. It is fast, secure, smart, easy to use which brings you an amazing and premium web experience. It has built-in adblock so that it is fast by blocking unwanted ads from the web.

    One of the best feature of this app is speed mode so that you can use the web fast in less data use. It improve browser performance, and boost the speed of browsing pages. You can easily watch movies, listen to music and also shopping online using this app on your android device.

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  9. Puffin Web Browser

    Puffin Web BrowserPuffin Web Browser is another fast android browsers which let you to easily browse internet on your android device. It includes latest version of adobe flash and fastest javascript engine.

    It provides cloud protection so that all of your browsing history will be secure from the third party. As like firefox it also provides private browsing option so that you can also hide your browsing data. It has also an option to app purchase which has some different and unique browsing option.

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  10. Lightning Web Browser

    Lightning Web BrowserLightning Web Browser is a simple, fast, easy to use web browser app for android users. It is focuses on design, security and efficiency which doesn’t track you. You can also get option to protect your privacy on this web browser.

    It has also option of private window so that you can hide your browsing data. It has some different features as full screen, inverted rendering which let you to change your browsing experience. If you want some more feature of this android browser you can use it paid version. It let you search suggestion, bookmark, browsing history, and other whatever you need.

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