It can be really annoying sometimes to pick telemarketing calls or other unwanted calls during work time or during late nights. I have been a victim of annoying and unwanted telemarketing calls for a long time in past but thanks to one of the Caller ID apps on android which has really helped me to stay away from those calls.

Caller id apps quickly show you the caller name as soon as the person calls you, so you can simply ignore unwanted calls or you can also block numbers on caller id app and mark as spam.

I am sharing a list of top free caller id apps for android which would defiantly help you in keeping you away from unwanted calls.

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Top 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps For Android

  1. Truecaller:

    Truecaller Caller IDTruecaller is one of the most popular caller id apps for android. Its awesome technology keeps it on the top of all caller id apps. It can also be used as a Truecaller dialer. It lets you to identify unknown callers and block unwanted calls.

    Few of the most popular features of this app are: block spam callers and telemarketers, search name by number, Search number by name, etc. It requires you to have 3G/4G or Wi-F connection on your smartphone.

       Download Truecaller

  2. CIA:

    CIA Caller IDCaller Identification App (CIA) is another free caller id app which will help you to identify unknown numbers on incoming calls. You can easily block unwanted calls and numbers. It also warns you about spam/scam calls based on numbers reported by millions of users.

    You can easily get the complete profile of any unknown caller. One of the best feature of this app is real time caller by which you can easily know who’s calling. Easily identify name, address or business information of who’s behind a strange telephone number.

       Download CIA

  3. Hiya:

    Hiya Caller IDHiya is a white pages caller ID apps which lets you know that which call may be unwanted or spammed. You can easily block numbers and texts that you want to avoid like telemarketers, scammers, bill collectors, robocalls, and others.

    It identifies unknown callers in real-time by knowing who’s always calling. This app is free, and doesn’t contain ads, and it is easy to use. There is a huge database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers. You can easily find the details of any phone number.

       Download Hiya

  4. Caller ID by CallApp:

    Caller ID Block by CallAppCaller ID by CallApp is another popular and more usable caller id faker app for android. This caller id app helps to identify user caller identity and as well as call blocking services to all of its users. You can easily use this app on your device and get the details of any number.

    It contains billions of phone numbers on its database from all over the world. Easily find out who is calling to you and from which place. Block calls & blacklist numbers that you want to avoid like scams, telemarketers and spam calls in just a tap.

       Download CallApp

  5. Whoscall:

    Whoscall Caller IDWhoscall is another caller id app which is used for identifying and blocking calls. You can easily and instantly identify calls and SMS text messages which are not saved in your contact list. It also helps you to block unwanted numbers like spam, scams, telemarketers, robocalls and others.

    It collects caller identification from its database of 600 million users. Whoscall enables you to identify the source of an unknown call or text regardless of whether it is in your contact list or not. You can also block any specific number from your contact list by using this call blocker app.

       Download Whoscall

  6. HD Full Screen Caller ID:

    HD Full Screen Caller IDIt is an amazing and good free caller id apps for android users. You can use this app and get full-screen caller ID picture. If you are using this app you will get that all of photos which you set on your contact list will be increase in HD quality. This is best app for those who wants to identify incoming/outgoing calls, missed calls and text messages with just a full-screen caller ID picture.

    You must assign a HD picture to your contact to avoid full screen blurry pictures. There are different themes in this app you can use any of your favorite theme on your screen. It has better graphics you can easily use its smooth graphics.

       Download Full Screen

  7. Mr. Number:

    Mr. Number Block callsMr.Number is one of the powerful free caller ID app for android users. You can easily block unwanted calls, SMS & also stop spam calls, scam and fraud using this app on your device. This app also gives you the option of identifying the unknown incoming calls. You can easily get the details of any incoming calls.

    You don’t need to waste your time and phone memory for attending the unwanted spam calls. This app automatically block all the spam calls according based on numbers reported by millions of users. You can also report any call or SMS as a spam to warm other users.

       Download Mr. Number

  8. Talking Caller ID:

    Talking Caller IDTalking caller Id is one of the best free caller ID apps for android user which plays the caller’s name from your contacts. So you can hear the name of the person calling to you. This app also speaks the text messages. You can use this app for hands free driving.

    This is simple and easy to use calling app for all users. The best feature of this app is to announce the caller when the ringer is off so you can easily find your phone when it is silent. You can easily customize this app according to yourself.

       Download Talking Caller ID

  9. Calls Blacklist:

    Calls BlacklistCalls blacklist is another app which doesn’t drain your battery. This app is useful for both call blocker and SMS filter. You can easily block calls and messages from any unwanted, private or unknown numbers.

    If you are tired of annoying calls as telemarketing, spam and robocalls then calls blacklist is good app for you. You can easily use this app and block all of the unwanted calls, messages. You can get only genuine calls and messages. It is easy to use and lightweight, powerful call blocker app.

       Download Calls Blacklist

  10. Showcaller:

    Showcaller Caller IDShowcaller is another caller id apps for android users. You can easily use this app on your device, and block all unwanted calls and SMS. Showcaller app identify most of the calls and shows the detailed called id info on incoming calls. You can easily see the name and photo of the people who is calling to you.

    It can help you to know about all the details of the incoming call. You can easily block the unwanted calls, stop spams & telemarketers. It has a database of a billion phone numbers. You can also report a call as a spammed so that other user can’t get the calls from that spammed number.

       Download Showcaller


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