If you are used to texting someone regularly, then it becomes addiction in no time. Hence it very important for you to have a good texting app for android. Mostly you would find people using the default texting app on their phone. The problem with them is they would have never tried other texting apps that are present in the play store with some awesome features.

This list is exclusively for the people who love texting their special ones. These texting apps for android come with some awesome features. Once you get to experience the value provided by these apps, you will never return to that basic texting app provided by android smart phone.

Top 10 Texting Apps For Android

  1. Textra SMS

    textraWhenever someone mentions the word texting, the image if textra starts forming in my mind. For me it has been one of the best texting apps for android. With some of the most solid features, this stands on the top of the list. This is super fast app with awesome user interface and highly customizable options. It has also got theme picker, sliding notifications, slide to delete and plenty other features.

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  2. Mood Messenger

    mood messengerAnother classic example of quality texting app for android. Mood Messenger is one of the most famous app for its emojis with predictive writings. It is rated highly among its users. With rating of 4.6 and more than 80 thousand downloads this is awesome app to use for android. It is pretty new one in this field, but slowly gaining popularity. Some of its awesome features are customization theme, GIFs, location sharing, media features, and more.

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  3. Android Messages

    android messagesThe developer of this app is Google itself. Hence you could be sure that it is sure shot one of the best texting apps present in the market.This is clean, colorful and easy to use app. The best feature that I liked about this app is that you can take pictures or videos directly from the app itself. Emoji, stickers and location sharing are also main attraction of this app . On some of the supported carriers you will get the option of sending and receiving messages over Wi-Fi or your data network which is just awesome. They have got average rating of 4.2 and more than 720 k downloads. You can definitely try this one from the link below.

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  4. Chomp SMS

    chomp smsThey are one of the first texting apps in the market. They have improved and evolved from the time they have started. With more than 100 themes you can easily customize your app. Chomp SMS provides one very unique functionality in their app, which is passcode app lock and privacy options. This could be very crucial for some of us.Some of the cool features include changing ringtones, vibrate patterns, screen colors for this particular app. Plus they have huge variety of emojis that could be used on any web platform like twitter Facebook etc.

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  5. QKSMS

    QkSMSThis is another great app in the series of best texting apps for android. It is open source sms app that any one could use. There is absolutely no cost associated with this. Here the developers state that they have made texting magical again, and it is quiet true in their case. This is nice and clean app with clutter-free design. It is highly customizable app with millions of colors added in the user interface. You also have a filter out spam option to use. They have also included the , floating notifications, group messaging which is great for high end users.

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  6. Facebook Messenger App

    Messenger - facebook appYou must be wondering why I am placing this app from Facebook at this number point. The reason behind is that this is not a “sms app” this is a messenger that uses internet to connect. Though people count this as a texting app, but this is not an actual text app. On the other hand, I personally do not consider it as a great texting app. It uses a ton of phone’s resources, it is also connected to our Facebook app and it consumes a lots of phone battery as well. The only plus point that it has is it is a Facebook product and each and every friend of ours is a part of this app. Frankly I would have never used this app if Facebook didn’t force us too install the same.

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  7. Pulse SMS

    Pulse SMS appPulse SMS app has been one of the better texting apps for android. When I say that this is best text messaging app, that means I have personally used it and explored all the features. They have got 4.6 ratings on Google Play store. The best thing that I liked about this app is it is fast in processing and the messages are available, seamlessly, across all your devices. They also supports dual-sim devices, blocking the phone number and message back up. Hence all in all I consider this as a text message app which serves its purpose. You can get its lifetime access in just $10.99 for a one-time purchase and can use it on all devices.

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    yatta smsThey are a pertty new app in the market with a bunch of new new features. Like sms to mms, Speakerphone mode, auto responder etc. The design or the user interface part is great and the processing speed of the app is smooth as well. It has all other basic options like any other good texting app. You also have the option to pin contact to the FAB tab that they have provided. You can also customize the blink rate when you receive the message. In totality I would like to say that this is one of the best android sms app out there if you can ignore few little glitches here and there.

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  9. TextPlus

    text plusAt this point I am including some of the better texting apps for android who are promising and have some extra features and are not pure texting or sms apps. This app is famous in US and Canada, the users of this app are allowed to send text messages using the real number to anyone in Canada and US for free. Developers state that you can easily use phone for free texting and calling with a real US numbers. The best part is, the app is completely free with some ads. If you do not like adds, you can always purchase a premium subscription. This is best for those people who need an alternate number and want to save on phone bill on the same time. This also works on WiFi.

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  10. Telegram

    telegramSince I have mentioned last few app will not be pure texting apps for android. Telegram is not only best android messaging app but also community app which has millions of users. It has simple, fast, secure, and synced services across all your devices. With over 200 million users in four years this is a pretty handy app to use. Features wise it has got some of the best options as a texting app. You also have the option to create group chats for up to 100,000 members and share huge chunk of files and folders on the group itself. This is completely add free and is best in terms of user experience. They have also included photo and video editing tools and an open sticker/GIF which is kind of added advantage to the users.

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