There were times when Siri like apps were not there in Android but with growing technologies android has evolved and is now ahead of iOS in many comparisons. If you have ever been an iOS user then you must be already knowing how cool, funny and amazing Siri is. You can talk about anything with siri and kill your time. If you have landed here to know about free Siri like apps for android then here you can find best Siri alternatives for android.

Recently Google has launched Pixel, and have also introduced the best Siri alternative called as Google Assistant which comes already embedded in Google Pixel smartphones and is only available for Pixel smartphones users as of now. If you are not a Pixel user then you can install any other good Siri alternatives for android on your smartphone which are listed down below.

Top 15 Free Siri Like Apps For Android: Apps Talk Like Siri

  1. Google Assistant:

    Google Assistant is one of the most popular and best Siri like apps for android users. You can easily ask any question according to your interest and also give any command to do it will help you. You can easily ask your Assistant for your flight status, and what the weather’s like when you get there and other amazing questions. Give any commands like play jazz songs from your playlist, open mail or any other apps from your smartphone. Easily set a reminder or send a message with the help of your Assistant.
    Google Assistant

  2. Robin:

    RobinRobin is one of the best free Siri like apps for android users. It is an amazing voice assistant. If are traveling on road it will give you local information, GPS navigation, and even jokes also while you are driving. You can easily ask for directions, places, parking, traffic, news or any other details as weather, current news by Robin apps like Siri.This app has amazing interface and has a transparent background which can become a little bit distracting in the presence of multiple colors on the drawer. The best feature of this app is it will never email your contacts without your knowledge.

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  3. AIVC:

    AIVCAIVC (Alice) is another decent app like Siri which can help you to do things quickly and easily. You can easily have a conversation with Alice, ask for general terms of information or give her instructions. You can easily get information and details of Calls, Emails, SMS. It will also help in Translation, Navigation, Alarm setup, Timer, App Launcher, Calculator, Facebook, Websearch, Weather, Search images, and much more with AIVC app that talk back like Siri. Easily get commands and AIVC get you a solution of it.

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  4. Google Now:

    Google Now LauncherGoogle now is the best free Siri like apps for android. It is a personal voice assistant app on Android but it will not talkback like Siri but can help you in searching the web and doing minor tasks like open applications and changing settings of your android smartphone. It gives you quick access to search from every home screen. You just need to say Ok Google and tell Google now what to do. The best feature of this app is it has A-Z apps list, with fast scrolling and quick searching.

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  5. Cortana:

    CortanaCortana is another free siri alternative app by Microsoft that talk backs like Siri which can be your personal assistant. You can easily get help to get things done and stay on top of your commitments. It can also remember things which you have asked previously. The best feature of this app is it assists you on how much time you take in completing the ride according to your driving speed and your destination point by also considering the traffic. You can ask Cortana to send emails, make calls, open any of your favorite app or any other tasks.

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  6. Indigo Virtual Assistant:

    Indigo Virtual AssistantIndigo is a virtual assistant app like Siri for Android. It is fun to get your daily tasks and activities done with Indigo app. You can easily get and read the news of your own selected city. One of the best features of this app is to control your music by voice so you can easily control your music app. This app lets you to easily find what you need from google, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, YouTube and other search engines.

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  7. Dragon Mobile Assistant:

    Dragon Mobile AssistantDragon mobile assistant is an another free app like Siri for android phones or tablets. You can easily personalize this virtual assistant. Easily send and receive text messages, post-Facebook and Twitter updates, emails and much more all hands-free. The best feature of this app is to set reminders, make appointments, and search the internet without lifting a finger. You can easily choose that how will you use this as text to speech, speech to text command your assistant to complete tasks quickly and easily.

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  8. Top Assistant:

    Top AssistantTop Assistant is another amazing Siri like apps for android. It is a powerful toolbox which assists you with any of your queries. This app provides an amazing and magic button which floats on your phone screen and you can easily place it according to your need. Top assistant is also a button savior app which provides virtual soft keys as home, power, menu, search, and back. You can easily add actions or any app into the touch panel by customize touch dot and panel.

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  9. Genie:

    GenieGenie is voice assistant app like Siri for android users. With the help of this app you can easily get special keywords or phrases, simply speak into your smartphone, you don’t need to memorize it. You can easily get the task to it as ‘call James at home’, ‘mail to mary that i love you’, ‘News about Barack Obama’ or ‘latest news’ and others. This virtual assistant will help you in almost all situations ,for example “Remind me to pick up Joe in 30 minutes” and others.

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  10. ANDY:

    ANDYAndy is another intelligent personal assistant, knowledge navigator and voice control software designed for Android devices. You can easily send text messages, initiate phone calls, and other commands to andy. You can easily search any important information from google, Wikipedia yahoo, and others. To ask any question or give any command to Andy apps that tallk back like Siri, tap on the microphone button. The good thing I liked in this app is you can shake your phone to enable the recording option. You can easily browse calendar, Internet, and others using voice.

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  11. Utter:

    utterUtter is not a clone of Siri, however its priority is to be super functional and ultra fast. With the help of this Siri like app for android you can perform commands offline without having any data connection. This app is very lightweight and runs in the background of your device. This app will make your work more efficient as you will not need to touch your device for each minor task while using Utter app.

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  12. DataBot Assistant:

    DataBot AssistantDataBot Assistant is another fun voice assistant Siri like app for android. You can easily get the answer of your topic according to your interest. The best part of this app is it allows you to easily share answers using SMS, Email, and social networks. You can easily customize your DataBot personal assistant according to your preferences as language, voice, name, behavior, and others. You can easily use your Databot personal assistant while travelling, work, study, play or relax. Dictionary module of this app will help you in providing etimology, meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of required words.

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  13. Jarvis

    JarvisJarvis is another free personal assistant app for android users which let you to easily works according to your commands. It has some unique and better feature available which is not on others. Jarvis currently supports only English language. It may be your good personal assistant keeping you informed about weather, news, calls, text messages and others. You can easily save your phone setting, control of WiFi, Bluetooth and others.

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  14. HOUND

    HOUNDHound is a best app which let you to search any thing via your voice on your android device. It is free easy to use with good user interface for all users. It is a fastest and easiest way to get the information, entertainment, and communication services you want. You have to just say Ok Hound without touching your android device and do operations on smartphone easily. for example “OK Hound… play the top songs around world” or “OK Hound…what’s that song?”

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  15. Cyman Mark 2

    Cyman Mark 2Cyman is a good popular and easy to use virtual assistant siri like apps for android users. It helps you to do automate tasks, find information, and eventually connect to your home. You can easily do tasks on your android device without touching through your voice. It is free to use but also have a paid option. If you want some special and extra feature of this app you must try its paid option.

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