The word of smart TV has been expanding exponentially  for the last decade or so. One of the biggest player in this market is Samsung. hence they have got hundreds, if not thousands of apps. If you have a Samsung TV at your home then you need to check out this post on Andy Tips as I have compiled a list of popular and must have apps for Samsung smart TV apps.

Andy tips mostly features useful android apps for streaming TV or apps to get access to live sports and others, but today I will be focusing on apps available on Samsung TV store which you should download on your TV to get most out of your smart TV. I have tested and selected top 10 Samsung smart TV apps which are useful and free. You can check out the list mentioned below and download any app based on your requirements.

Top 10 Samsung Smart TV Apps

  1. SPSN

    spsnThe first and the most important of the app is Samsung Product Support Network. They have included all the live-streaming shows. How to videos are also featured in this app, so that you may be able to understand each and everything about your Samsung product.It also includes the videos which would let you know how to troubleshoot your Samsung product so that your error is fixed. A very useful and interesting option inside this is app is that you are able to view schedule of upcoming shows as well. They have included everything from cell phones to computers to the TV you are using .

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  2. YouTube TV

    youtube tvI cannot imagine my life without YouTube on internet. Hence I can bet that you also fall in the same category. For me it is very essential to have this app on each and every device that I carry with myself. Once you have installed this app on your smart TV , then there is no need of cable. You can easily watch live TV including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC and more networks. Though this is supported in limited area but if you have got this working, then I think you do not need anything apart from this for live TV. For me this has been a pretty useful app, as a result of which I have placed this on number 2 spot in my list of Samsung smart TV apps.

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  3. Netflix

    NetflixI generally go to Netflix for its original series that they have exclusively presented. It is also another option for live streaming TV shows , series etc. For Samsung smart TV, it is completely free to download from their official smart TV app store. Everything remains the same. You can get 1 month membership free for the first month, post that you can pay monthly fee to watch all the live stream TV shows and other series that they have. Personally speaking I am addicted to Netflix and watch shows very frequently on it. As always they produce awesome content which is breath taking.

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  4. Plex

    plexAnother great app for the Samsung smart TV is Plex. You can use the Plex media server to stream the videos on your Samsung devices.The videos have never been so amazing and awesome. The best part that I liked about this app is, it is completely free to use. All you need to do is to install the Plex media server on your MAC or PC and you have a Plex app installed on your TV. That is it. Now you are good to go. You can watch and stream all your content and media straight from your MAC or PC on your Samsung device where Plex app is installed.

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  5. Spotify

    spotifyYou might be thinking what have mentioned here. You need to listen to me and try out the Spotify app for your Samsung smart TV. Post installation of this app, your mind would be blown away. You can easily convert your TV into a great music churning box and you would absolutely love the sound of it. All you need to do is to attach a home theater to our smart TV and you are good to go. Seriously if you try this once, you would thank me for suggesting you this. Spotify would allow you to play live streaming music completely free of cost. There are more than 40 million tracks available on this app . It is one of the most well sorted and easy to use as a Samsung smart TV apps. You can definitely give this a try and later you can uninstall as well if you do not like the sound of music here.

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  6. Vimeo

    vimeoVimeo is another app that you can use on your Samsung smart TV. It is the high quality video sharing app. You can view thousands of videos that have been uploaded by some awesome content creators. They have categories like Arts and Design, Animation, Music, Fashion, Travel, Documentary etc. The best part is that you can also record and host your high quality videos here and share the same with the whole world. You can also use their paid services which include some of the short movies, inspirational talks and movies on Vimeo On Demand. Personally speaking this is a pretty useful app if you are lover of high quality videos.

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  7. Angry Birds

    angry birdsYes, you read it right. Now you can enjoy your favorite game of Angry Birds on your Samsung Smart TV as well. All you have to do is to use all the power in the angry birds to destroy the greedy pigs’. You can easily take the revenge as they have stolen the eggs from the birds. I personally enjoy playing the game of angry bird on the big screen. If you have kids at home then this would be a true treat for them. You can install this easily free of cost from the official app store of Samsung. This is definitely a great one that I have included in the list of samsung smart TV apps.

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  8. CNBC Real Time

    cnbc real timeThis list of Samsung smart TV apps has something for everyone. As a result I also have added this news app here. With CNBC Real Time, you can get the live news through out. You can get the most authentic and real time updates from NYSE and NASDAQ. Here in this app they have included other area specific options as well like CNBC EMEA and CNBC Asia. All in all this is a great app that could be installed freely directly from the app store of Samsung smart TV.

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  9. Math in real life

    maths in real lifeIf you have got kids who are addicted to watching television, then you can definitely go for this app. It would take away the attention from just watching television to learning from television. This is a great app through which you could easily let your kids enjoy their life and at the same time they would learning in a interactive way. The developers of this app claim that they have converted it in fun which was previously boring subject by applying it to our everyday life. The best part about this app is that it is would make learning very interactive and interesting for your kids in life. Hence you can definitely give this app a try and let the knowledge flow through your kids brains.

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  10. Samsung ESPN Next Level

    Samsung ESPN Next LevelFor all the sports lovers out there, here is the app for you. Here is the option to enjoy the whole sports related content for absolutely no cost. This app has been developed by ESPN Inc, hence you can expect some awesome sports action straight to your television. ESPN next level is absolutely free to download from the official app store of Samsung. It is easy to use app with clear functions available. The only thing that I found with this one is that it is available in some countries only. It is not available for the whole world.With its availability mainly in the US and Canada region most of the leagues and series are included from that particular region.

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