Listening to podcast has started becoming a trend these days. Everyone is so much busy in  their lives that they do not get time for anything. Hence listening to your favorite thing on podcast could be a life and time saver. You could learn multiple things, from your favorite recipe to listening to fun stuff.

As a result I have decided to list some of the useful apps that you could use. These are some of the apps that would be a notch better than usual and will be ultimately providing you with awesome user experience.

Top 15 Free Podcast Apps For Android

  1. TED

    tedYou might have already heard or listened to TED talks. This android app belongs to them. The developers of this app are TED Conferences LLC. This is completely free to download and is available in the google play store. If you download this app, you have the opportunity to listen to more than 5k TED talks from famous personalities. I have listed this on top as according to me this the best podcast app out there. They also have largely covered topics related to life, technology, science, and psychology. You also have the option to download the video or audio podcast and later play it offline as well.

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  2. Castbox

    castboxCast Box app is widely used for Free Podcast Player, Radio & Audio Books. This has also been awarded as Android Excellence for 2017, hence you can be sure that this is a quality app. The user interface of this app is easy to use and very clean. Some of the functionality includes customized playlists, one-button subscription options and availability of downloads for offline usage. The developers have included simple radio FM, smart audio books into a podcast go feature and have combined millions of podcasts from various genres. You can download this for free and enjoy unlimited access of podcasts.

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  3. The Podcast App

    podcastThe podcast app is another great app that could be used. When you are using this one you have options to find, save and listen to your favorite podcasts. The category of podcast includes news, education, comedy, politics to religion etc. The design clean and easy to use. Processing of this app is great, as it runs smoothly. Once you have downloaded this app for free from Google Play Store, you have access to over 500,000 podcasts. You may listen to them online or you also can save it for offline knowledge. This is one of the better podcast app for android.

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  4. SoundCloud

    soundcloudI do not think sound cloud needs any introduction. Very few people like me use it as a podcast app. On the contrary let me tell you that this is one of the best podcast apps for android phones. I am kind of addicted to this podcast app. It has got over 120 million tracks from various different artists. There are multiple versions for this app. They have Sound Cloud Go, Go+ and Pulse, all of them have different functionality and different features that you can try and use them on per month basis.

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  5. Pocket Casts

    pocket castsAnother app in the list is Pocket Casts. With average rating of 4.6 this is pretty handy app to use.They have won Google Play Top Developer award, a Google Play Editors Choice award and winning a Google Material Design Award. By this I can definitely say that it is a pretty good app if you are looking for some awesome podcast experience. One of the best thing that I like about this is it lets you Cut silences from episodes, hence you can finish the streaming quickly. It supports Chromecast and you can play episodes on the fly.

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  6. Podcast Addict

    podcast addictAs the name suggests, it is kind of app that has been developed for podcasts addicts. This app has really great functionality in terms of usage. They have got average rating of 4.5, so you can be sure that more than 8 million people cannot be wrong in rating a app. They have provided all in platform form all the leading providers like youtube, soundcloud, twitch and things from other RSS feeds. You can easily browse new, top, trending podcasts. They also support great audio effects. Hence this is kind of one stop solution for all. I would definitely consider it as one of the best podcast apps for android out there.

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  7. Podcast App

    Podcast AppAnother app in line with all of the above podcast app is this one. The different thing about them is it provides quality podcasts for Free. You also get the option of downloading it as offline podcasts. This app has been developed by player FM. With more than 64 thousand downloads it has got 4.6 rating on an average. The option of sync among all the device is just awesome. You can use the same app on all the devices that you have, hence you can continue the same thing in your car from where you let at home. Offline listening, Store download and advanced music player options are some of the awesome features of this app.

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  8. Podcast Republic

    podcast republicPodcast Republic allows you to download the podcasts and even arrange them in different playlists. They also have a live radio streaming support that could be used. I just liked the Car Mode. Here you can define several gestures like double tap to play/pause, swipe up to play next. They also provide an option to download the podcast on SD and then you can use it any where. Hence I found this app pretty useful. It also has a alarm feature to schedule a time to play podcast at anytime that you might want. You can totally give this app a try. This is one of the best podcast apps for android.

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  9. BeyondPod

    beyond podcastAnother great app for the podcast lovers. For me this app would definitely be a part of the list for best podcast apps for android. The option that I love the most about them is their dynamic search. It serves great for every category. Your playlist would automatically be created based on your previous played podcasts. You also get the option of Chromecast. They has also embedded home screen widgets and playlist shortcuts. Hence I would recommend you this app and you could download the same from the official link below.

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  10. DoublePod Podcasts

    doublepodThis is very basic podcast app hence the developers have made it completely free to download and use. They have provided one very interesting option of audio mode play back for video podcasts. As sometime I have to personally just listen to podcast rather than seeing it. For people like this is pretty good options because I would like to listen to podcast more rather than watching it. They have provided broadcast option as well so that you could your other devices as well.

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  11. Podcast Go

    podcast goIf you are looking for something free and decent options and performance as well, then I would request you to download this one. For me Podcast Go is best free podcast app for android. I have just loved its enhanced performance and other features like offline mode etc. You can easily save the podcast to SD as well and can easily play them on other devices. They would also notify you about the new episodes that you have been listening to.

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  12. Podkicker Podcast Player

    podkickerWith 4.6 ratings by its users, this app stands tall in front of others. This app is for quick starter, who just need to listen to the podcast and have no other requirements. It has got basic and plain functionality to support the app. It is fast on the phone and also has a neat and clean user interface. Hence I would totally regard this podcast app as best podcast app for android who love basic podcast listening.

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  13. AntennaPod

    antenna podThere is nothing so special about this app. This is just a basic app where you can add the podcast from various sources like RSS feed, directories and OPML files. If you just want to finish any podcast you can easily increase its speed up to 2.5x. They have millions of free and paid podcasts from top people of their industries. You can share the podcast and password protect as well.

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  14. Podbean

    podbeanFor using Podbean, you have to just make a basic account and the you are good to go. On the home screen only you would be able to browse through multiple podcasts. This would be based on your interest and liking. This is podcast app and podcast player app as well. You also have the option to download the podcast and play them offline. You also can play the podcasts downloaded from other streams as well. They have been rated as 4.6 and have more than 44 thousand downloads. You can easily auto post on twitter and Facebook as well.

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  15. Stitcher

    stitcherStitcher is pretty famous podcast app that is used by one and all. This is free podcast app that streams and downloads your favorite podcasts. This is one of the better podcast apps for android. I have personally used it and found out that this is pretty smooth and easy to use. With this app all you need to do is to sign up and you are good to go. You will have your personalized feed in front of you. You can also stream podcast on demand and hence it is definitely worth a try. With their smart speaker integration you can use this app with amazon Alexa as well.

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