Watching TV is one of the best time pass in spare time. Gone are the days when people used to watch series and daily soaps on TV, these days people are preferring to stream TV shows online on TV streaming apps for android. You are already having a smartphone, so its recommended to watch TV shows on free TV streaming apps rather than watching your favorite TV shows and series on regular websites which consume more time.

Today I am going to list down the best collection of free TV streaming apps for android, which you can start using to watch TV shows online on android app.

Best Free TV Streaming Apps For Android

Top 12 Best Free TV Streaming Apps For Android

  1. Tubi TV:

    Tubi Tv is one of the best free live TV streaming apps for android users. This app offers free popular movies and TV series streaming to you in full HD. This is an amazing free app for all users and doesn’t have to register with your credit card. You can watch it anywhere, anytime and on any android device. The amazing and best feature of this app is free shows and movies are added every week in this app so enjoy new movie and TV shows online free. Easily create a personal queue to bookmark what you want to watch.
    Tubi TV Free Movies TV

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  2. Crackle:

    Crackle is one of the most popular, good and amazing free TV show streaming android app. You can easily get any episode of your favorite shows and watch it online and must enjoy it. All episodes are free, watch anytime, anywhere on your android device. Stream Crackle on all your Android devices along with Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox and more. Easily create a list of your favorite shows, serials, and movies and watch it later online. You have to create your account for save your favorite shows.
    Crackle Free TV Movies Android Apps

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  3. NBC:

    NBC is best free TV streaming apps for android users. You can easily get your favorite TV shows on this app and watch it free online. In this app there is an option of watch clips or full episode so you can easily select it and watch clips or full episodes of your favorite shows online. Easily cast your favorite NBC shows from your mobile device directly to your TV. You can watch your local NBC station live in your own city and get the shows according to city and language. For access this you have to sign in with your TV service provider user name and password to start watching.

    Download NBC From Play store

  4. A&E:

    A&E is another free streaming app to watch hours of 60 Days In, The First 48, Duck Dynasty, Intervention, Storage Wars, and others. You can easily access full episodes and clips from all of your favorite A&E shows from A&E app. Easily get your favorite A&E shows wherever and whenever you want, right on your Android device on this amazing free tv show streaming app. Easily create a watch list and keeps track of the episodes you’ve viewed and let you pick up right where you left off.
    A E Android App

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  5. Lifetime:

    Lifetime is good, and amazing app which gives you full access to all the reality, drama, and movies Lifetime. The best part of this app is it add a new full episode of shows and full movies so you can easily get latest and amazing shows and easily stream it on your android device.Easily customize watchlist of your favorite shows and watch it in your free time period. Easily get the full access to your free lifetime episodes and stream it online without subscription or registration.
    Lifetime Android App

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  6. The CW:

    The CW is good amazing and free way to watch the episode of your favorite shows. For using this app you don’t have need any subscription or registration on this app. Easily stream and watch TV online with the help of this app. Best of the CW app is it doesn’t require pay-TV authentication, every episode is yours for the streaming free stream any episode. The best feature of this app is easily seen previews for upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, cast interviews, and other extra feature of the episode. Easily browse extensive photo galleries for episodic and publicity stills.
    The CW Android Apps

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  7. FOX Now:

    Watch full episodes of your favorite FOX shows Live or on demand. Easily get any of your favorite TV shows and watch it online. If you are unable to find your favorite episode or any show on this app it allows for demanding process so you can demand that and after few days you will easily get the result. There is a subscription plan for this app if you go for that you will be able to access some other features and must enjoy that. In this, few latest episodes of new shows are always unlocked and new episodes of our returning show unlock 8 days after airing on TV.
    FOX NOW Android Apps

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  8. History:

    History is one of the best Free TV streaming apps for Android where you can see all shows related to the history. Here you can easily get all of your favorite history shows wherever and whenever you want,on your Android device. Easily access full episodes and clips from all your favorite history show online. Watch the full episode of your favorite history shows including pawn stars, swamp people, Ax Men, alone, forged in fire, mountain men, and others.
    HISTORY Android App

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  9. CBS:

    Stream full episodes from your favorite primetime, daytime and late-night shows the day after they air for free. If you subscribe to CBS you can get full access of watch your favorite shows online on this app and get the latest notification of new updates of shows, movies and others. If you want to personalize show lists and resume your watching show you must have to sign in to your ‘My CBS’ account. You can easily stream your local CBS station and watch favorite show online.
    CBS Full Episodes and Live TV

    Download CBS From Play Store

  10. ABC:

    ABC is another amazing and most popular free TV streaming apps for android users. In this app, you can watch live TV, stream the latest episodes of your favorite ABC shows, and binge on our new ABC Original series. Here you can get all of your favorite TV shows, series and live TV. Easily get the latest video and watch it online free. If you want get most recent full episodes you require a participating TV provider account. This app provides location-based services so you can get episodes according to your location.
    ABC Live TV Full Episodes

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  11. SPB TV:

    SPB TV is a free application for watching TV on your Android device. There are more than 200 TV channels from all over the globe. The app requires a 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi or WiMAX internet connection to provide a smooth viewing experience. SPB Tv is amazing free, user-friendly, lite in weight, Quick channel preview. In this app you can search any shows by keyword and easy get your favorite TV shows and watch it online free. The best feature of this app is quick channel preview
 so you can easily get your favorite channel also.
    SPB TV Android Apps

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  12. Crunchyroll:

    Crunchyroll is one of the best free anime TV streaming apps for android users. Here you can get your favorite anime shows, series for free. Enjoy the current season and catch up on classic episodes of your favorite shows like Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, Bleach, Kill la Kill, Blue Exorcist, Hunter X Hunter, and many more. You don’t have any membership for using this app and watch ad-free Tv shows online in HD quality. Easily get an access of legally most recent shows on your android device.
    Crunchyroll Everything Anime

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