Have you ever faced such situation when some beautiful music or song is playing beside you in public place but you still are not able to get the lyrics to search about it on the internet ? and you are like What song is this stuck in my head ? I don’t remember the lyrics. Anyways, let me tell you this is very common, I remember when last time I was in a restaurant and a beautiful song of some other language was playing in the background, at that time I was like I need to get this song any how but crap I had no idea how to get it. So I started searching for any work around on Google and got to know that there are few song identifier apps for android by which we can simple turn them on when the music is playing and they will automatically judge the correct song and search them on the internet for you and will even tell you the lyrics, so that you can download it by yourself as well.  Isn’t cool ? 🙂 .

Music Recognition tools were previously limited to online or for desktop but as the digital world is shifting to mobile devices so now song identifiers are even available for android and iOS. The beauty of these music identifier apps is you even don’t need to know title or name of the song. Music recognition apps will take care of everything once you make them listen to the music for few seconds and from now on you will not say “What song is this ? ” or “What is this song ?” .  I have come up with 12 best free song identifier apps for android , music recognition apps android, and listing them down below.

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Top 12 Song Identifier Apps For Android

  1. SoundHound

    SoundHoundSoundHound in one of the best song identifier apps for android users. In this free app, you can search, discover and play music. You can also navigate in a hands-free search and assistant mode with “OK Hound…”. You have to say what you want with this app this app perform the action what you say. Like if you want to play music say “OK Hound, please play Hello by Adele”. So this is easy to use, user-friendly and amazing free app. You can also save the song in any playlist, create playlist, add the song in that playlist. So this app is an amazing knowledge base free song id android app.

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  2. Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

    MusixmatchMusixmatch is an amazing best free music identifier app for android users. With the help of this app, you can enjoy the lyrics of the song. There are world’s largest collection of song lyrics used by millions of people to get instantly synchronized lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more. You can get lyrics in your favorite language in time with the music. You can also search the music with your favorite music title, artist name and others. With the help of this song identification android app you can easily search lyrics of your favorite song.

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  3. Shazam

    ShazamShazam is one of the most popular apps used by hundreds of millions of people each month. With the help of this app, you can search your favorite music by title, favorite artist, and videos. There is a Visual recognition feature which works as a QR code reader. You can also link this app with Google Play and Amazon stores for a quick play of the song.You can search any of your favorite song in only one tap. This app also work in offline mode with its offline feature you can get a song and search that perticular song when you will be online.

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  4. MusicID

    MusicIDMusicId is a top most free music-finding app for android users. For using this app you have to install this app on your smartphone and hold your smartphone near any audio device and musiciD will tell you that particular song. This app has a good feature that it add a note to yourself so you can remember WHY and WHERE you identified that amazing song. This is best song identifier app for android and you can search any song very quickly. You can also search the song of your favorite singer, and artist.

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  5. Bird Song Id

    Bird Song IdBird song id is most popular app for music identifier app. This automatic recognition is a little like Shazam for birds. There are collections of voice of popular birds so this can identify the voice of the birds.This app needs good quality recordings to work well so you have to record the voice when a single bird is singing. If you want to enjoy this app you must have go t0 close to the bird without disturb them. Bird Song id help you to find the realted voice of the perticuler bird and helps you identify a wide variety of birds. You can also get the difference between voice of two or more birds.

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  6. Song Identify

    Song IDentifySong Identify app is a best song identifier apps for android users. You can use this app easily and you can start your favourite music recognition app on your smartphone directly from your SmartWatch. You can use this aap with most popular app like as musiXmatch, SoundHound, SoundTracking and others. This app is an interesting and amazing app for android users

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  7. TrackID

    TrackIDTrackId is best song identifier app for android. This app tell you what song you are listening and which song you listen most. This app is also use as offline mode so if you have a problem of internet then this app capture that track and recognise that track when you will be online. So this app also works in offline mode. This app is so fast so you can get song quickly. This free song id android app can help you to find name of artist, singer and other details of the perticular song.
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  8. Music Identification

    MUSIC IDENTIFICATIONIf you are travelling and sudden you hear a song track and you love that track but after some time you forget what was that track so Music Identification song help you at this situation. You get that track in this app and after some time you can find that perticular song. With the help of this free song identifier apps you can also search the name of artist, singer, and other important information of that perticular song. So this app help you and should be better song identifier app for android.

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  9. AnySong Chord Recognition

    AnySong Chord RecognitionIt is an amazing song identifier app which has unique ability to identify the song by guitar chords within 40 seconds. If you have a guitar and you don’t know the chords and want to play a loved song you can use this app. You can easily recognize guitar chords to your favorite songs on your android device. You have to just choose a audio file from your music collection and wait for few seconds to get the desired guitar chords.

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  10. Genius

    GeniusGenius is another good song identifier apps for android users which let you to get what song is this. You can easily find a song and its lyrics using this app. It has a huge collection of songs with its lyrics from different genres. You can easily get the facts behind the track with verified content from artists and producers from this music identifier app. For get the song and lyrics you have to hold your phone up to the music, tap the sound wave button.

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  11. Music Mate

    Music MateMusic Mate is a simple easy to use and good app for android which let you to find music, videos from Spotify, Pandora, Play Music and others. You can easily find your favorite music and videos of the song without leaving your player. You can easily discover trending songs of the day on this music app. It also let you to access the top tracks of your favorite genre as pop, hip hop and others.

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  12. Sound Search for Google Play

    Sound Search for Google PlayThe Google Play sound search is a good android widget which can help you to identify the music playing around you. With the help of this amazing app you can easily identify song, music directly from your home screen. You can also keep a history of song identification synced across your Android devices, so you can purchase song later. It is a faster, and easy to use app to identify the song on your android device.

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