Do you want to set a portion of your favorite mp3 song as ringtone of your smartphone ? Using cool ringtones on smartphones in in trend these days but the problem is if you would open Google to search for your favorite ringtone then it will take a long time, so today we have come up with best list of ringtone apps for android smartphones that enable you to set a custom ringtone for your android.

There are hundreds of ringtone and cache music apps available in Play store that you can use. But some of those are not interesting so you don’t like those ringtones. In this post we are listing down top 20 best free best ringtone apps for android users. You can also use these apps as alarm and assign to contacts. You can easily download ringtone from these applications.

Best Ringtone apps

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Top 20 Best Ringtone apps free for Android:

  1. Caller Name Ringtone:

    Caller Name Ringtone is the best ringtone apps for android users. Caller Name Ringtone speaks the name of caller instead of playing your phone ringtone. So you can easily understand the caller name without looking on the mobile screen. You can easily enable or disable caller name announcement anytime.And also you can disable phone ringtone while using caller name ringtone.

    Caller Name Ringtone app for android

    Download Caller Name Ringtone From Play store

  2. Funny Sayings Ringtones:

    Funny saying ringtones app is one of the best ringtone apps for android mobile phones. There are so many ringtones and sound effect available in this free ringtone maker app. You can easily use any of them and enjoy it instead of boring mobile phone ringtones. You can use these ringtone as an alarm tone also.

    Funny Sayings Ringtones free Android Apps

    Download Funny saying ringtones From Play store

  3. Flute Ringtones:

    Flute Ringtone app is another amazing free ringtone app for android users. You can create the best ringtone for android mobiles and also use it as an alarm clock. You can create movie flute ringtone with the help of this free app. You can create your own ringtone with the help of this free ringtone app.

    Flute Ringtones Android Apps

    Download Flute Ringtone From Play store

  4. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker:

    Mp3 cutter and ringtone maker is a popular free ringtone maker app for android smartphones. With the help of this amazing ringtone maker, you can make your own ringtone by record your voice or any other sound. You can also cut the selected part of the music and also use that as a ringtone. You can also set any ringtone for any particular contact person or for all contact persons.

    MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker ringtone for android mp3

    Download Mp3 cutter and ringtone maker From Play store

  5. Popular Ringtones:

    Popular ringtones are the best ringtone apps for android. With the help of this free app, you can make your free ringtone and use it as caller tone.You can also set your favorite ringtone as a timer, widget button tone on your phone home screen.There are more melodies ringtone available in this free app you can use these ringtone also and enjoy it.

    Popular Ringtones Best Ringtone apps for android

    Download Popular ringtones From Play store

  6. Movie Ringtones:

    Movie Ringtone contains more ringtones of popular movies. You can use any of them as a ringtone of your phone. These ringtones are free for all users.You can get amazing movie ringtones in high-quality sounds effects.You can set it as ringtone or alarm.

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    Movie Ringtones free Android Apps

    Download Movie Ringtone From Play store

  7. Guitar Ringtones:

    Guitar ringtones app is a free amazing app for android users.This app contains the best guitar ringtones, most downloaded guitar sounds, as well as many popular guitar effects. You can also create a new ringtone or edit old ringtone with the help of this free amazing ringtone apps for android.

    Guitar Ringtones Android Apps

    Download Guitar ringtones From Play store

  8. Bird Ringtones:

    Bird Ringtone android app is free, amazing and contains lots of birds voice. You can use that as a ringtone of your caller. Use the best bird ringtone app and enjoy every time in relaxing sound of nature. This app contains the high-quality sound of different birds voice you can use any of them and enjoy it.This app included English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, and more languages so you can choose language according to you.

    Bird Ringtones free app for Android

    Download Bird Ringtone From Play store

  9. 3D Sounds & Ringtones:

    3D Sounds and ringtones app is the best ringtone apps for android. With the help of this app, you can easily create 3D sound and enjoy it. You can also use these 3D sound as a ringtone.This app contains lots of different sound effects, all of which can be great as 3D ringtones and message tone. You can set these 3D sound as a ringtone for android, contact ringtone, alarm sound, and notification sound.

    3D Sounds Ringtones Android Apps

    Download 3D Sounds and ringtones From Play store

  10. Romantic Ringtones:

    Are you love romantic songs? If yes and want some romantic ringtones for your smartphone then this is the best free ringtone app for android users. There are lots of collection of free romantic ringtones in this app you can easily download and use these ringtones as contact, alarm also.

    Romantic Ringtones Android App

    Download romantic ringtones From Play store

  11. Halloween Ringtone SMS Sounds:

    Halloween Ringtone SMS Sound is a free, amazing android ringtone app. You must enjoy this app because it has lots of funny ringtones. There are lots of collections of free scary and spooky Halloween Sounds for your enjoyment. It includes Witches, Zombies, Halloween theme, Coffin and others sound effects.

    Halloween Ringtone SMS Sounds Android Apps

    Download Halloween Ringtone SMS Sound From Play store

  12. Ringtone Maker and MP3 cutter:

    Ringtone maker and mp3 cutter are the best ringtone apps for all android smartphone users. You can create your own ringtone with the help of this free app. You can cut any long mp3 as a ringtone and use it for caller ringtone and as well as alarm tone also.This app supports MP3, AAC, AMR and most other music formats.

    Ringtone Maker and MP3 cutter Android Apps

    Download Ringtone maker and mp3 cutter From Play store

  13. Best Classical Ringtones:

    This app is free best ringtone app for android users.This app includes more than 40 loud and clear classical music ringtone and flower themed animated buttons. To set a ringtone press and hold the ringtone and you can easily use that ringtone as a default ringtone, the notification sound, or the alarm sound.

    Best Classical Ringtones Android Apps

    Download Best Classical Ringtones From Play store

  14. Patriotic Ringtones:

    Patriotic Ringtone app is a best free ringtone app for all android users. You can easily download this app from play store and use this amazing ringtone app. In this app, you can easily find all patriotic ringtones and use it as a phone ringtone as well as alarm tone. This app is easy to use, and user-friendly. This app has the collection of all event ringtone so you can use it according to the events.

    Patriotic Ringtones Android Apps

    Download Patriotic Ringtone From Play store

  15. Rooster Sounds and Ringtone:

    Rooster sound and ringtone is an amazing free ringtone for android ever. This application has a combination of the chicken rooster crows sing and others. In this app, there are funny sounds of cock and crow so you must enjoy this application. You can set it as a ringtone notification sound and alarm tone.

    Rooster Sounds and Ringtone Android Apps

    Download Rooster sound and ringtone From Play store

  16. Siren Ringtones:

    Siren ringtone app is another best free amazing loud ringtone app for android users. You can set a ringtone to a contact, as the default ringtone, notification tone or alarm tone.This application has Crystal clear, and loud siren ringtones.You can easily save any siren as your ringtone, alarm or notification.This application is easy to use, user-friendly and device friendly.

    Siren Ringtones Android Apps

    Download Siren Ringtone From Play store

  17. Comedy ringtones:

    There are lots of ringtones download app but comedy ringtone is one of the best free apps. You can use this app and enjoy the free ringtones.This free app is tested on all devices so this application is worked on all android devices. In this application, you can get popular comedy voices and set it as a ringtone.

    Comedy ringtones Android Apps

    Download comedy ringtone From Play store

  18. Animal Sounds Ringtones:

    In this best ringtone apps, there are lots of animal sounds available for enjoyment. You can use these voices as ringtone of phones, notifications, and alarm clock also. In this application there are more than 100 animal sounds.This application is easy to use and user-friendly. So you must enjoy this free best ringtone apps on your smartphone.

    Animal Sounds Ringtones Android Apps

    Download Animal Sounds Ringtones From Play store

  19. Ringtone Maker:

    This ringtone maker app can help you to edit any song and make it a ringtone for your smartphone. You can cut the best price of any mp3 to save it as a ringtone.With the help of this app, you can add a sound effect in any ringtone. This free ringtone app support midi,and able to change 128 different instruments also.

    Ringtone Maker Android Apps

    Download Ringtone Maker From Play store

  20. Scary Ringtones:

    Scary Ringtone is most popular amazing free ringtone app.This application Includes more than 100 scary ringtones. You can use this application as ringtone, notification, alarm and assign to contacts. You can also add ringtone as a favorite ringtone so that you can listen that in free time.

    Scary Ringtones Android Apps

    Download Scary Ringtone From Play store


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