Are you a reading addict ? Don’t worry , you can get all of your books collection on your android smartphone or tablet with speed reading apps. A good reading app can save a lot of your rack space as you will be able to keep books in a good free reading app.

Everything is shifting towards internet so why not books ? Few people still don’t like to read books online but it is a good alternative and once you would start reading them on speed reading apps, it will all be good. I have featured the best collection of free speed reading apps to help you read books and novels online.

Top 15+Best Free Speed Reading Apps: Learn To Read Apps

  1. Amazon Kindle:

    Amazon kindle is one of the best speed reading apps for android users. In this app you can easily read any book, magazine or newspaper according to your interest. There are more than four million Kindle books in the Kindle Store find any of your favorite books and read it in free. The best feature of this app is you can also customize your book as change the font size, change the color of fonts and others according to you and read it. Check out ebooks from your local library and have them delivered wirelessly to your Kindle app.
    Amazon Kindle

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  2. Moon+ Reader:

    Moon + reader is another free amazing reading book app for android users. In this app there is more than thousands book for free available, find any of your favorite ebooks read it on your android device with smooth scroll and tons of innovation. This book reading app support epub, pdf, Mobi, CBR, umd, fb2, txt, HTML, RAR, zip and other file formats. Customize your book according to your interest and read it.
    Moon Reader

    Download Moon+ Reader From Play Store

  3. Google Play Books:

    Google play book is an amazing free book reading apps for android users. You can easily adjust font size and customize even more of your reading experience. The best feature of this app is read online or offline and pick up where you left off on your phone, tablet. You can easily bookmark pages, highlight text, and add notes on this app. One of another amazing feature of this app is Search within books, use the dictionary, find geographical information, discover web results, and Wikipedia.
    Google Play Books

    Download Google Play Books From Play Store

  4. Cool Reader:

    Cool reader is another free amazing ebook reader app for android users. This app supports epub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, RTF, HTML, chm, tcr, PDB, PRC, XML and other file formats so you can get any of your favorite ebooks in any of the file formats. The best feature of this app is it supports many languages as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and others so you can get book according to your language.
    Cool Reader Android Apps

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  5. Aldiko Book Reader:

    Aldiko book reader is another an amazing free learns to read apps for android users. Here you can get your favorite ebooks and read it. It has the very good interface that is easy to use and user-friendly and has an amazing feature as global text search in a book and some organizational features. There is also a paid version of this app if you want to use that you go for that and get some amazing features from others app.
    Aldiko Book Reader Android Apps

    Download Aldiko Book Reader From Play Store

  6. Monkey Junior:

    Monkey junior is another amazing app to teach reading and learning . In this app, you can get the amazing facts read and learn it. Monkey junior app offers a comprehensive reading for kids, toddlers, and preschoolers in multiple languages. This app is amazing, fast, fun and effective for all kids. The best feature of this app is your child will play a reading game, answer questions and complete lessons to improve their vocabulary and reading level.
    Learn to read Monkey Junior

    Download Monkey Junior Reader From Play Store

  7. Universal Book Reader:

    Universal Book Reader is a stylish and user-friendly eBook reading app for Android. This amazing free book reading app supports over 50 file formats. It provides a comfortable reading experience, user interface, easy to use, lite in weight. Some amazing features as intuitive and fast navigation, Feedbooks online store, customizable reading experience, and others.
    Universal Book Reader

    Download Universal Book Reader From Play Store

  8. EBookDroid:

    Ebook droid is a popular and amazing free book reading app for android users. This app is a highly customizable document viewer and supports the following ebook and document formats: DjVu, PDF, XPS , FictionBook, Comics Book formats and others. You can easily edit the font according to your and read your favorite ebook. EBookDroid allows you to customize the way you read and increase your knowledge and experience.
    EBookDroid PDF DJVU Reader

    Download EBookDroid From Play Store

  9. Ebook Reader:

    Ebook reader is one of the most popular and amazing free apps for learning to read. There are lots of collection of an ebook in this app you have to choose your favorite ebook and read it. One of the best features of this app is sorting so you can easily get your ebook by shorting according to you. This app supports landscape or portrait orientation, Search option, adjust font size, and others. You can also login with your account to get some special feature of this app.
    Ebook Reader Android Apps

    Download Ebook Reader From Play Store

  10. FBReader:

    FBReader is most popular free eBook reader apps among these apps totally free and easy to use. This app supports ePub, Kindle azw3 , zip, RTF, doc , HTML, plain text, PDF, and others. FBReader learning to read apps fast and highly customizable with Several popular English, French, Russian, Chinese, and Polish libraries are included. Easily find your favorite ebook because It also comes with a built-in browser for finding eBooks to download which is helpful.
    FBReader Favorite Book Reader

    Download FBReader From Play Store

  11. AlReader:

    AIreader app is designed for reading the fiction book and amazing reading apps for android users. This app supports all file formats so you can get file according to your interest and read it. The best features of this app are Text-To-Speech, network libraries,and others. Get ebook in your favorite language because it supports Russian, English, german, greek, Ukrainian, Belarusian, polish, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish and other languages.
    AlReader any text book reader

    Download AlReader From Play Store

  12. PocketBook:

    PocketBook is a simple interface free ebook reading apps that make reading eBooks relatively simple. This app supports many file types as DjVu, MOBI, PDB, TXT, FB2,, CHM, HTML, CBZ, CBR, СBT, RTF and others. Easily customize your reading experience by adjusting text size, layouts, colors and many other options. It is easy to use, user-friendly, light in weight and amazing learning to read app for android users.
    PocketBook PDF EPUB reader

    Download PocketBook From Play Store

  13. FullReader+:

    FullReader is an amazing free reading apps for android users which have the multifunctional program for ebook reading, PDF and DjVu files viewing, comics scrolling, as well as audiobooks listening and document handling. In this app there are 4 amazing and different themes are available so that you can change the theme according to you and customize it. It supports Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, and German language select language according to you.
    FullReader all formats reader

    Download FullReader From Play Store

  14. 50000 Free eBooks:

    An amazing and popular free reading app for android user get any of your favorite ebook read it, download it, and enjoy. One of the best parts of this app is uploaded any book from your phone in this app so that other can also get that amazing book which you are uploaded. Easily personalize your reading experience with this amazing app. In this there are lots of categories as fiction books, romance books, fantasy books, adventure books, and many more.
    50000 Free eBooks AudioBooks

    Download 50000 Free eBooks From Play Store

  15. Kobo Books:

    kobo books is one of the most popular free ecosystem-based reading apps for android users. You can easily browse any of your favorite Kobo’s extensive catalog of the world’s best eBooks, magazines, comics and children’s books, and read them conveniently on your smartphone or tablet. Search the book by author, title, topic or genre and get the best result.
    Kobo Books Reading App

    Download Kobo Books From Play Store

  16. Nook:

    Nook is one of the best free and amazing speed reading apps for android users. There are millions of ebooks in this database so you can easily get your favorite book read it, download it for offline. The best feature of this app is customized to your interests and share your favorite quick reads on social, email, and other apps. You can create multiple profiles within the app for the whole family so anyone can read and download the book of their interest.
    NOOK Read eBooks Magazines

    Download Nook From Play Store

  17. eReader Prestigio:

    eReader Prestigio is a new book reader app but it has tons of amazing features and ebooks available. Easily get any of your favorite ebooks online on this app. You can read text files in multiple formats including epub, HTML, fb2,, txt, pdf, mobi, epub3, DjVu and multiple other texts and audio book formats. Easily scan the library for specific file and textbook formats. One of the amazing features of this app is the inbuilt dictionary with Color feature.
    eReader Prestigio Book Reader

    Download eReader Prestigio From Play Store


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