Launchers are the most important part of the android. If you want to customize your smartphone then you must have a launcher on your phone. With the help of  free launcher apps for android, you can change the fonts, wallpapers, home screen view and others. If your home screen looks, then you can download the launcher apk. In this post, we had listed top 15 fastest android launchers for your smartphone and tablets. You can make your home screen simple or complicated according to you with the help of these launchers.

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Best Launchers For Android apk

Top 15 Best Launcher Apps For Android

  1. Smart Launcher 3

    Smart launcher 3 is one of the best launcher for android it has own features. This app is light in size, easy to use. It has lots of free themes anyone can use these themes.There is a quick action of any app in this launcher.Smart launcher 3 is a free launcher for android.In this launcher, there is a quick search option. You can search apps, contacts, and web by this quick search. This app is highly personalizable, integrated lock screen with notifications. You can hide apps from the apps grid and protect them with the password in this android launcher.

    Smart Launcher 3 best launcher

    Download Smart launcher 3 From Playstore

  2. Nova Launcher

    Nova launcher is free launcher app for android users. This launcher has some different features from others. Nova Launcher app has a perfect and highly customized best launcher for android. The performance of this launcher is very good. Anyone can use this easily. There are a thousand numbers of themes in this Launcher app, color control option, Backup and restore option. You can import the themes from the other launcher apps for android.

    Nova launcher for android

    Download Nova launcher From Playstore

  3. Arrow Launcher

    Arrow launcher is best fastest launcher app For android. This launcher app is a Microsoft product.This launcher is different from the others so you can say that Arrow launcher is more interesting from others. This is not a good looking launcher I think that this is for business-type users. This is more secure from the other launchers. You can get back to all of your recent activities like phone calls, text messages, photos, file downloads, and app installs and others.

    Arrow best launcher for android

    Download Arrow launcher From Playstore

  4. ZenUI

    ZenUI is a best free Launcher app for android. It has the variety of free themes, free wallpapers, icons, effects, and transitions. You can set different types of wallpapers in home screen and different types of lock screen for fun and interesting. You can adjust the home screen as grid size or transitional animations for moving between home screens. You can get a sneak live preview on your screen when customizing the themes, fonts, wallpapers and others. You can arrange the app according to the related app using Smart Group feature in this launcher.

    ZenUI free Launcher for android

    Download ZenUI launcher From Playstore

  5. Hola Launcher

    Hola Launcher is an excellent Android launcher, that has some unique features. The control of this android launcher is totally different from others but it is as easy as other for use. This home launcher has Free up memory (RAM) feature with the help of this feature you can free your RAM of the android. You can Conveniently see weather forecast information for the next 6 days by this launcher app.

    Hola Launcher android

    Download Hola launcher From Playstore

  6. Buzz Launcher

    Buss launcher is the best Personalization app and best launcher for android . Buzz launcher is a highly customization launcher app for android. This is an ad-free launcher that has more than 2 million themes. You can easily change any other theme at a touch of a button, instantly. You can easily share your home screen with a single touch via social media. You can easily create your customize widget in this launcher.

    Buzz best free Launcher for android

    Download Buzz launcher From Playstore

  7. C Launcher

    If you have a highly budgeted android phone, then you can use C launcher in your smartphone. C launcher is one of the best launcher apps for android, which is speedy, clean, fast, Battery-saving and highly personalized. This launcher is user-friendly, minimal battery consumption launcher. This launcher app protects your privacy in the perfect way from third parties.

    C Launcher free for android

    Download C launcher From Playstore

  8. Next Launcher 3D Shell

    Next Launcher is most unique Android launcher app from others because it provides the 3D view. It has unique icons, set of widgets, gestures. This launcher app is free for all users but you may not use all features of this app in the free version. If you go for the paid version of this app then you can customize your screen in the 3D view according to yourself.

    Next Launcher

    Download Next launcher 3D shell From Playstore

  9. Action Launcher

    Action launcher is another the best launcher app for the android. This launcher app mixes thing and creates a new look by which you can easily replace your home screen with a colorful, customizable and speedy. This launcher app has smart size icons which will be automatically resized. You can create shortcuts for open any app in this free launcher app for android.

    Action Launcher

    Download Action launcher From Playstore

  10. Apex Launcher:

    Apex Launcher helps you create a customized home screen experience on your Android device. It has Infinite & elastic scrolling. You can easily hide the apps or files which you want. You can easily lock the home screen in this launcher to prevent accidental changes. There are facilities of Backup/restore settings and data in this launcher so you can easily create the backup of your data.

    Apex Launcher Android Apps

    Download Apex launcher From Playstore

  11. GO Launcher:

    Go launcher is most popular launcher app among these launcher apps. It is free launcher app for all users so anyone can use this .GO Launcher Z is a stylish, smart, slim & personalized application for your Android phone this is the upgraded version of GO Launcher Ex. GO Launcher provides a 3D view of the home screen with fast and secure operating , smooth and awesome animation effects.

    GO Launcher Theme Wallpaper

    Download Go launcher From Playstore

  12. Aviate

    Aviate launcher is a product of yahoo so you can easily trust on this launcher and we can say that this is a trust-able launcher app. It is simple, beautiful and user-friendly launcher app for android. You can easily download this from play store.It’s home screen provide the information and apps that are useful to you based on where you are and what you’re doing.

    Yahoo Aviate Launcher

    Download Aviate launcher From Playstore

  13. Google Now Launcher

    Google Now launcher is totally free for all users. Anyone can use this free launcher for android. This is fast, secure and user-friendly launcher app.It is available on all devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher. You can search apps, directions, play song and much more by voice method so this launcher is different from others.

    Google Now Launcher

    Download Google Now launcher From Playstore

  14. Atom Launcher

    Atom launcher is another new Android app that comes easy make your own theme.There are Search, digital clock, Quick Setting on the top bar. There are gestures, streamlined widgets, icon setting and some other features in this launcher app. So this home launcher is most useful for android users. You can easily download it from play store and use its free version. If you want the full version of this launcher then you must have to pay for it.

    Atom Launcher

    Download Atom launcher From Playstore

  15. Android Nougat Launcher

    Nought Launcher is available for Android 4.1 and above devices. There are many themes in this launcher app each theme has its different looks.This launcher has two drawer direction: vertical and horizontal. It has many gestures which can be used by any persons. You can hide apps and files from the homes section. Nougat launcher is one of the best launcher apps for the android you can easily use this.

    Free launchers for android

    Download Nougat launcher From Playstore


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