There can be many instances when you would require a torch like when you have a sudden power failure at your home and you don’t have any torch with you. For such situations, you can use flashlight apps on your android.

I am listing down top 15 best free flashlight apps for your android. I have personally tested many torch apps which also works as a disco light. I have finalized top 15 apps which are worth downloading. This post is also useful for you if your android device doesn’t have a direct option to access the camera flash light. Even if your android phone doesn’t have a camera flashlight then also you don’t need to worry as few of the below torch apps will make use of your screen display to provide torch equivalent brightness.

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Top 15 Best Free Flashlight Apps  for Android

  1. Super-Bright LED Flashlight:

    Super-Bright LED Flashlight is one of the best free flashlight apps for the android users. You can turn your device into a bright light. There is a good looking Switch On/Off button it is just like using a real flashlight. There is an option for blinking light in this app in 0-9 steps.


    Download Super-Bright LED Flashlight From Play store

  2. Brightest Flashlight:

    Brightest Flashlight is best free flashlight apps. This app turns on all the available lights on your android device. In this free flashlight app, there is an option that which light you want to turn on so this app save your battery energy. This free lighting app has automatic timer exits after 2 minutes. There is an audio effect on start and stop this free torch app. Brightest flashlight app is easy to use.


    Download Brightest Flashlight From Play store

  3. Flashlight HD LED:

    Flashlight HD LED is a best free flashlight app. This app is simple and well designed so that it looks better than the other flashlight app. You can use this app by only simple button press. There are integrated HD LED flashlight in this app so this app is energy saving and produces more light. Flashlight HD LED is supportable for all android device, you can use this app on any android device. There is an option so that you can change your full screen into a color light lamp with this torch app.

    Flashlight HD LED torch app

    Download Flashlight HD LED From Play store

  4. Flashlight on Clap:

    Flashlight on Clap is an amazing free torch app. You can use this free flashlight app by on/off button which is given in the app. If there is sudden darkness and you have not enough time to search the app in your smartphone then this app has a special feature for the clap. Simply you clap and you can use this app, So Flashlight on Clap is more interesting and amazing free flashlight app.Flashlight on Clap is a free android app and its very easy to use and User-friendly.

    Flashlight on Clap flashlight Android App

    Download Flashlight on Clap From Play store

  5. Cool Flashlight:

    Cool Flashlight app is one of the most amazing free flashlight app for android users. This app has more features such as Traffic light, Colors, Hearts, Thunder, LED,Cops, Stars, Disco, and others. So can enjoy this app with different colors and features. You can use this app as a home Disco light also, with the help of this free flashlight app you can celebrate a little disco party in your home with friends.

    Cool Flashlight Free Android torch App

    Download Cool Flashlight From Play store

  6. Ringing Flashlight:

    Ringing Flashlight is an amazing flashlight for android users. This is not a torch light app. Ringing Flashlight flash blink when you received a Phone Call, SMS, and Notifications. If your phone is in silent mode and any notification for calls are running on your smartphone then your phone’s Flashlight will Blink to notify you, make sure you are not missing anymore. The setting of this app is so easy, just open the app and click on enable the feature and you are ready to go.

    Ringing Flashlight ringing Android Apps

    Download Ringing Flashlight From Play store

  7. LED Flashlight:

    If you have to go outside with no light in the night or in a dark place then you can use this amazing free torch app. With the help of this LED flashlight app, you get rid of the dark, because this app converts your phone into a LED flashlight. It does not only have the brightest flashlight but also have a beautiful color combination for your digital clock.

    LED flashlight

    Download LED flashlight From Play store

  8. Disco Light:

    Disco light is the best flashlight app for an ultimate party. You can enjoy your party in your home with this free flashlight app without any costing. This app is totally free for all users. In this free torch app, there are a home screen and lock screen flashlight widget also so you can enjoy its feature. If you enable Disco light mode of this flashlight app then your flashlight will turn your flash LED on and off with the surrounding sound.

    Disco Light LED Flashlight

    Download Disco light From Play store

  9. Screen Flashlight:

    Screen Flashlight is another different  and best free flashlight apps from others. Because with the help of this flashlight app you can make your smartphone’s screen as a torch. So you can get more light from others. If there is no flashlight in your phone then don’t worry this app is for  you can simply use this app because of this app in the tiny size.

    Screen Flashlight free flashlight app for Android

    Download Screen Flashlight From Play store

  10. Crazy Flashlight LED Brightest:

    You can easily use your android device as a torch light by using Crazy Flashlight Amazing app. It will use your device’s camera LED / flash / screen as a torch. In this flashlight app, use can Shake your device to on/off the flashlight. There is a feature of the traffic signal in this app with Automatic Timer.

    Crazy Flashlight LED Brightest free torch app

    Download Crazy Flashlight LED Brightest From Play store

  11. Dynamic Colors Flashlight:

    Dynamic Colors Flashlight is free amazing android flashlight app. With the help of this flashlight app, you can enjoy the color combinations. With the help of this app, you can eliminate your stress and play with colors and transform their environments. There are more than 250 shades of colors so that you can create a good environment and impress your friends.

    Dynamic Colors Flashlight

    Download Dynamic Colors Flashlight From Play store

  12. Laser Flash Light:

    With the help of Laser Flash Light, you can create your own color of light. You can change the color of lights every time. Laser Flash Light is a best and fun free lighting app for android users. You can simply download this app from play store and simply use.

    Laser Flash Light Android Apps

    Download Laser Flash Light From Play store

  13. Free Color Flashlight:

    Free color flashlight is a better free torch app for android users. With the help of this flashlight app, you can enjoy party everywhere and at any time. Free color flashlight has 12 colors so you can use this app as a disco light as well as a flashlight. You can change the speed of flashlight as you like.

    Free Color Flashlight free Android Apps

    Download Free color Flashlight From Play store

  14. Color Flashlight:

    Color Flashlight has a various mode that you can use easily according to your interest and us. There is an option of low light in this app so that works as a night light at sleeping time. You can use this app as a disco light also for a little party with your friends. This app is supportable for all android devices. so you must enjoy this app.

    Color Flashlight best free flashlight apps for android

    Download Color Flashlight From Play store

  15. Click Light Flashlight:

    Click Light flashlight is best free flashlight apps and more popular free flashlight app for android. You can easily use this app as a torch light. In this app, there is no need to unlock your android device, open an app simply just double click the power button and you can easily use this app and if you want to off this app then again double click the power button.

    ClickLight Flashlight Android Apps

    Download Click Light flashlight From Play store


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