In the world of technology, we have apps for everything. From entertainment to knowledge there are tons of apps for almost every requirement. As people these days are concerned about their health so android developers have come up with useful gym apps as well. Today I have come up with a list of allergy apps which lets you to stay away from allergies.

They say prevention is better than cure. You could use the knowledge and symptoms to stay away from any kind of allergy that you might have. These apps would help you with different type of forecast as well so that you can stay aware of any allergens.

Top 10 Free Apps To Keep You Away From Allergies

  1. Web MD

    web mdBeing a health related brand, Web MD is already doing so much in the field of health. They have also developed an app for Allergy. You can easily download this app from the app store and is completely free of cost. They have included a variety of allergies like pollen, food allergies, skin allergies, insect allergies, and medicine allergies. I personally love their allergy forecaster, which really helps people with allergy track and be ready for everything.  They also have 130 Tips – 193 Articles – 12 Videos – 15 Slideshows – 36 Quizzes. You have the ease of controlling your allergy symptoms by tracking the allergy level in your area. All in all this is pretty useful app to use.

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  2. Zyrtec

    zyrtecWith Zyrtech I just loved the multiple profile tracking system. You can track your allergy here and you can include your loved ones as well, so that you have every bit of knowledge about there allergy level as well. They also have a hourly forecast for allergies which could drastically reduce your chances of getting the allergies. I absolutely love this app. You can also seth the customized alerts when the pollen level is high in your area. Hence you would be alert accordingly. It tracks around 41,000 zip codes, search engine searches and social media trends to alert you about the pollen levels as well. The app’s user interface is quite good and is easy to use as well.

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  3. Allergy Eats

    allergy eatsOne of the most trusted apps out there in the market is Allergy Eats. It is a bit different app from the above two. Here you would be provided with the list of allergy friendly restaurants and places where you could eat and drink without thinking much about your allergies. As a result you can enjoy your free time with friends and family without any issues. They have included more than 800,000 restaurants all around US. Here you would get the list of dishes their recipes and their ingredients as well. You can go to a place search your favorite food and add comments and picture about the same as well. By doing so you are making them aware of everything about that place and allergy free food. You can also update the allergen count.

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  4. The Weather Channel

    the weather channelKnowing about the coming danger could be life a saver. Hence I have included this weather channel app which has got some accurate weather reports for all its users. The best part is that, it is completely free to download from the Google Play Store. It has got radar maps to help you through out your path way if you are traveling. Their allergy tracking systems and widgets keep sending you the notifications of future allergy predictions and the area that would be most affected by the same. It also provides you the steps and precautionary measure to be taken along the path way. This is easy to use app with simple user interface and quick on your phone as well.

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  5. Propeller

    propellerPropeller app is one of the most useful app for asthma related people. This is specially made for the people who use inhalers and forget to keep the track for the same. At the time of spring it very important to keep the track of your allergies so that adequate measures are taken when you face any kind of problem. It generates personalized feeds specifically for you so that you can gain control over your health keeping yourself up to date and healthy.You would also be getting personalized trends and tips for your asthma.You also have the option to check out the asthma forecast including pollutant.You can also track the symptoms of your loved ones and if you are a care giver the this is just a gold app for you.

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  6. Allergy Alert

    allergy alertThe developers of this app is IQVIA ( They have particularly designed this app keeping in the mind the allergy by pollen in the spring season mostly. On this app you would be getting reliable, timely information that would help you maintain your life and keeping you away from allergies. You can instantly check the weather forecast of multiple places with few seconds on the app. With the forecast option you would be able to get the forecast for up to 5 days ahead of the current day. Hence you can plan your trips and holiday accordingly, as you would be able to check the forecast of that place. They have included the allergens report count of Oak, Cedar, Juniper, Birch, Maple, Elm, Ash, Ragweed, Grass, Pigweed, Mulberry, Goldenrod . Hence I can say that this is pretty useful and great app to use.

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  7. My Food Intolerance List

    my food intoleracnceThis is the great app for people who are intolerance to specific food. By using this app you can track every thing about your food intolerance. You can easily calculates your compatibility for each food. It would be displayed to you in a form of graph on the app itself. By this way you would be aware of what food to eat and what not to eat. Hence you would be avoiding the food allergy that you might have. This app will give you a great detailed analysis of food for lactose, fructose, glucose, histamine, sorbitol, salicylic acid, amines, amino acids, etc. Now you can easily keep the track of your food intolerance at just one place simply by installing this app from Google Play Store.

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  8. Med Helper Pill Reminder

    med helper pill reminderAs the name suggests Med helper, this app is used remind you about when medication needs to be taken. This is a cloud based app that is very easy to use and extremely simple to understand. When you use this app it can easily reduce your chances of falling off from your allergy meter and help you keep track of your life. It also helps in tracking your vital signs and PRN / take-as-needed medication on time. It has its own mobile healthcare assistant that would take care of all the medical needs. If you use this app you can definitely go past your allergies and keep track of them and you would be able to take your medications on time as well.

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  9. Ada – Your Health Guide

    adaThis is not exactly a allergy app. It is to maintain over all health. This app covers a wide range of health related topics and it also includes allergies. You would be getting over all knowledge about the allergies and its prevention and measures to avoid the same. The developers claim that they have taken help from over 100 doctors & scientists hence it could be considered a legitimate and dependable app to use. When using this app, all you need to do is to tell Ada what is troubling you, and within few seconds you would be getting the detailed analysis of your allergies. This is pretty good app and easy to use with many options to choose from. Hence it is totally recommended that you download this app if you are interested in overall health improvement.

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  10. Allergy Checker

allergy checkerThis is a pretty new app in the market. The reviews have been quite good about this app. The developers of this app are creative health and fitness. It has multiple options by which you can get to know about the different allergies in different areas. The best option that I liked is , it has preferences option where you can choose if you are vegetarian or vegan and accordingly you would be provided the solutions. Here it checks if you can eat a product or not by scanning or writing a text.

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