If you are struggling hard to loose weight then here we have listed best weight loss apps for android which you can download for free from playstore and start tracking your health activities including running. The health apps or weight loss apps which we are going to list down in this post will save your lot of time and money. You do not to spend bucks for some fitness trainer as these weight loss apps will take care of everything.

Whether you are an office going person or a student, these weight loss apps will take care of everything. Weight loss apps including yoga apps for android will enable your android smartphone to get converted into a personal fitness trainer and that also for free. Weight loss apps will help you in achieving  your daily exercise goals. Pokémon go is also one of the health weight loss apps as this game will make you run for the sake of hunting Pokémon and it will also make you fit. If you are trying to loose weight by search for android apps then I would recommend to focus on food logging, motivation and activity as it has been found that food logging doubles your weight loss in Kaiser Permanante study. I am going to share best weight loss apps which will make you track your progress and help you in achieving regular health goals.


weight loss apps yoga app for android

Weight loss is not easy so one of the most important part of loosing weight is getting motivated as by regular motivation and by reading success stories of other people who have successfully lost weight by struggling hard, you will get energized and will focus more on your exercise and then these weight loss apps for smartphone will act as a personal trainer for you and will track your health activities.

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I would recommend you to also join a year of running facebook group to stay motivated and  ProgressPics  on reddit can also boost your motivation to keep going for your targets as you see the difference between before and after photos.

Top 12 Weight Loss Apps for Android Mobile

  1. 7 Minute Workout:

    7-minute workout is one of the best weight loss app for android. In this app, there is 7-minute high-intensity workout so that you can burn your fat and improve cardiovascular health at your home. This is a free yoga app for all users. It is a personal fitness trainer to motivate and guide you to lose your weight. You can easily burn your fat in the less time period. If you go for 7 Minute Workout (PRO version) then you can get more benefits as advanced exercises for more effective results, daily meal plans, and other so that you can lose your weight easily.
    7 Minute Workout Weight Loss Android Apps

    Download 7-minute workout From Play store

  2. Diet Plan:

    Diet plan is an amazing free virtual weight loss app for android. You can lose your weight without having to spend your time. In this free yoga app there is free 1-week meal plan if you follow these meal plan then you must lose your fat. The diet plan was designed by Cheryl Forberg, RD the show’s resident nutritionist. Diet plan app is easy to use so you must lose your weight easily in few days.
    Diet Plan Weight Loss Android App

    Download Diet Plan From Play store

  3. Daily Workout:

    Daily workout is another amazing free good weight loss and yoga app for android. This free application helps you to get the best shape of your life. In this application, there are different categories so that you can choose the best way to lose weight according to you. In this app, there are more than 100 tips to lose your weight you can follow any of them and get best body shape according to you. In this app, there is also available Workout Week Plan For Men and Women.
    Daily Workout Weight Loss Yoga

    Download Daily workout From Play store

  4. Weight Loss Home Workout:

    Weight Loss Home Workout is weight loss picture app for android. In this free app, you can get weight loss home exercises by which you can easily improve your body shape according to you. In this good weight loss apps, all exercises that are mentioned are very effective. You don’t need to go to the gym if you are using this app you can get all weight loss exercises at your home. There is no any equipment needed if you are using this virtual weight loss app on your android phones.
    Weight Loss Home Workout Android Apps

    Download Weight Loss Home Workout From Play store

  5. Lose weight without dieting:

    If you are a food lover and wants to lose your weight without dieting then lose weight without dieting is the best app for you. In this free application, you can get some best exercises so that you can lose your weight easily. You can also track daily water consumption by you.In this app, you can create a schedule of your future meals and exercises.There are some predefined weight loss plans so that you can follow those and easily lose your weight and get best body shape according to you.
    Lose weight without dieting App for Android

    Download lose weight without dieting From Play store

  6. Yoga for Weight Loss:

    Today yoga is best for all person yoga has been known to have many benefits. This is best weight loss yoga app for android users. In this app, there are so many yoga by which you can lose your weight according to you. You can decrease levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity with the help of yoga so yoga is important for all persons. There are some effective poses given in this app if you follow them you must lose your weight in minimum time period. Yoga workout for weight loss connect with your breath, build strength, tone belly fat, burn calories, detoxify, improve digestion and support a happy healthy back.
    Yoga for Weight Loss

    Download Yoga for Weight Loss From Play store

  7. Weight Loss Smoothies:

    Weight loss smoothie is an effective and good weight loss apps for android. In this free virtual weight loss app, there are some recipes listed by using of those recipes you can easily lose your weight quickly.Smoothies are not only quick and easy to make, they’re also incredibly nutritious and can help with weight loss. In this application, there are some best recipes which are used only for losing your weight. There are no need to any exercise or yoga if you follow these recipes for the loss your weight.
    Weight Loss Smoothies Android Apps

    Download Weight loss smoothie From Play store

  8. 101 Weight Loss Tips:

    There are so many tips and ideas which are used by many peoples for loss weight. Some are effective and many of them are not. In this free weight loss app, there are 101 weight loss tips which are more useful for all the peoples. If you follow these tips then you must lose your weight in less time period and set your weight straight, and help you adopt some really healthy, weight-friendly habits for life. The best part of this application is there is no need to the internet so that you can read all tips any time without internet.
    101 Weight Loss Tips Android App

    Download 101 Weight Loss Tips From Play store

  9. Diet tracker, weight loss:

    Calories are most important fact to survive so it is important to take suitable diet. If you are overweight, you have to have the diet to lose weight. If you want to lose your weight then you must have to suitable diet so diet tracker helps you to track your daily diet.You can easily track your exercise, a diet with the help of this free app. This application allows you to track daily progress through the data to be updated on height, weight, BMI, weight chart analysis, to track daily weight loss. You can easily choose your recipes according to your weight.
    Diet tracker weight loss

    Download Diet tracker weight loss From Play store

  10. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout:

    This is the best app for fit your body with the help of this free app you can workout at home which suited for anybody at any time. With the help of this weight loss apps, you can easily burn calorie and remove your fat. In this app, there are step by step process if you follow those steps daily then you must lose your weight easily in less time period. In this free virtual weight loss app, you can record training progress. You can also get detailed video guides with the help of this free weight loss apps.
    30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

    Download 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout From Play store

  11. Health & Weight Loss Coach:

    Health & weight loss coach is an amazing weight loss apps for android users. In this free app you can track your calories & progress, set your goals, see where you Rank and others. For using this good weight loss apps firstly you have to tell about your self after that this app set your diet plan and exercise by following these you can easily reduce your weight.
    Health Weight Loss Coach

    Download Health & weight loss coach From Play store

  12. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach:

    A Pedometer is a popular and good weight loss apps for android. With the help of this free app you can track your steps for you as long as your phone is with you. You can easily check your all history from the ‘Trends’ Tab. For using this app you don’t have to requires wristband or other hardware or any website register.
    Pedometer Weight Loss Coach

    Download Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach From Play store

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