Making money online is becoming trend these days with growing technologies. If you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can still make quick bucks without getting scammed and you can also get free recharges for mobile. Some of these earning apps  and free recharge android apps have options to earn money just by giving good feedback to apps and completing surveys.

In this article I am listing down top 20 best free earning apps for android which lets you to make quick money directly from your smartphone while sitting at home. You can easily make money for shopping, mobile recharge, bill payments and others. Some of these apps also let you to allows free movie ticket to watch movies on your nearest movie theater.

Earning Apps For Android

Top 20 Earning Apps For Android 2018: Apps That Makes Money

  1. iPoll

    iPolliPoll is one of the best free earning apps for android users. It offers you free rewards, gifts cards, airline credits and others. You just have to share your opinion about the different products. It has also some different mission you can get extra rewards after completing the missions. You can get the opportunities based on your location and profile including product reviews, in-store shopping experiences and others.

    Download iPoll

  2. AppTrailers

    AppTrailersApp Trailers is another good app which let you to earn online money after streaming hottest high quality videos for free. It is one of the best place which let you to stream movie or trailer and get the rewards for it. App Trailers is completely free to use and is a great way to get good bonus and rewards for streaming videos.

    Download AppTrailers

  3. Cash for Apps

    Cash for AppsCash for Apps is a new but easy to use earning app for android users. It allows you to get points after download the different apps from the cash for apps. You have to install the app from the Cash for apps and after receiving the point you can delete the app. It allows you to convert your points into money as redeem them for a gift cards from valuable rewards list.

    Download Cash for Apps

  4. Tapporo

    TapporoEarn diferent prizes and money using Tapporo app for android device. It allows you to get the money and different prizes after watching videos, downloading free apps and more activities on the app. You can get Google play gifts, PayPal cash, Facebook credits, Hulu account, gadgets, amazon gift cards, and others from this app.

    Download Tapporo

  5. AppRedeem

    AppRedeemAppRedeem is another earning apps for android users. It allows you to earn points by referring friends and family through Facebook, twitter and other social networks. It includes rewards system to all users. You can easily use this app on your smartphone, tablet and other android device to earn points and money.

    Download AppRedeem

  6. Loot

    LootLoot app is another app which let you to earn cash and other rewards like gift cards, products and others. You have to create and share some awesome contents for your favorite brands for earn cash and gifts. It is light weight and easy to use app for all android users. It allows you to taking pictures of various products and sharing branded content on Facebook and twitter.

    Download Loot

  7. Ibotta

    IbottaIbotta is a free cash back app that helps you to save money and get best cash back offer on your every purchase. You can save your money on purchasing of grocery, clothes, beauty products, food, alcohol and others. It let you to earn cash for scanning your receipt barcode and using your favorite shopping apps. You can also get more cash and rewards by inviting and joining to your friends.

    Download Ibotta

  8. shopkick

    shopkickShopkick is another better earning apps for android users which allows you to get rewards with free gifts cards for the shopping. You can easily get free gift cards from popular stores after using the shopkick while shopping. It let you to earn points(kicks) and redeem them for free gift cards of your choice. It is easy to earn kicks and get rewarded for your everyday shopping app.

    Download shopkick

  9. Field Agent

    Field AgentField agent is an app which let you to make money with your android device after completing small jobs with field agents. In this app there are some missions you have to complete those missions and it let you to earn the money. You can get more money after doing the good and smart works. You have to complete screener jobs for an opportunity to get more paying jobs.

    Download Field Agent

  10. Swagbucks

    SwagbucksSwagbucks is another the perfect way to extend your earning opportunities wherever you go. You can easily earn the money online by watching funny videos, shopping top eCommerce sites, searching the web, answering the surveys and doing others jobs. It allows you to redeem your swag bucks anytime for up to $5 gifts cards for amazon, PayPal, walmart, starbucks and others.

    Download Swagbucks

  11. BookScouter

    BookScouterBookscouter is another better earning apps for android users which allows you to earn money by selling your old books. It allows let you to compare the buyback price of the book from leading book-buying websites. You can easily choose the buyer offering the highest price and easily ship your book for free. For using this app you have to register and provide your details and information.

    Download BookScouter

  12. Gigwalk

    GigwalkGigwalk is a best app which let you to find as much or as little contract works as you wants. You can easily connect with local business in need of your skill set and get the best job opportunity according to your skill. You have to register your account and apply for gigs you see on the map or the list and easily earn the money from your android device.

    Download Gigwalk

  13. Mobee

    MobeeMobee is another good and easy way to make money while helping local business improve their service. It has more than thousands of business near to you that wants to hear your feedback on their stores. They will get you some special and amazing rewards with awesome prizes, gifts, cash and others. It has good fun and exciting missions at places you already shop at.

    Download Mobee

  14. Snap by Groupon

    Snap by GrouponSnap by Groupon is a great earning apps for android users which let you to save extra money online. It allows you to get the best rewards and also cashback offers for your shopping. It has tens of thousands of digital offers spanning more than 50 categories available in marketplace. You can easily get the best deal and earn money from the app.

    Download Snap by Groupon

  15. Iconzoomer

    IconzoomerIconzoomer is a fun and better earning apps for all android users. It is based on shoot it, send it and earn it. It mean you can get an assignments anytime of the basic topics you have to do and take a pic of these and send the image. You will get some basic assignments such as show us what you are eating for dinner? or show the shoes are you wearing today and others.

    Download Iconzoomer

  16. Slidejoy

    SlidejoySlidejoy is allows you make money by seeing top popular and trending news and events on your android device. It pays you in cash or rewards you in gifts cards. You can also make some extra money and rewards online by downloading its lock screen apps. You have to register in this app to get access of rewards and every time you unlock the screen you will be able the get rewards.

    Download Slidejoy

  17. Snapwire

    SnapwireSnapwire is a new and amazing app that allows you to connect a new generation of photographers with brands and businesses around the world. Photographers get access to real-time and paid photo request and challenges. You can easily sell your photo and designs on this app and get the money and rewards for it. It is a good app for selling all your creative photography.

    Download Snapwire

  18. Ebates

    EbatesEbates is another good online earning apps for all android users. It is a good app for users who love shopping. You can easily shop and save online over 2000 stores with amazing coupon available anytime and anywhere. You can easily save money with online shopping opportunities available on your phone that reward you cash back savings.

    Download Ebates

  19. Clashot

    ClashotClashot is another best earning apps for all photo lovers. If you love photography and have some best photos this app allows you to sell it online and earn money. It is also known as photobank in your pocket, that helps you to earn online money by taking different photo and selling them to the buyers. You can easily take photos in any genre or subject area, and upload them online with the help of Clashot.

    Download Clashot

  20. Pact

    PactPact is last but not least free earning apps for android users. It is one of the best ad most effective way to keep your fitness and weight loss. It let you to earn money by stay active, apid by members who don’t. One of the best feature of this app is to motivate you to hit your health goals week-to-week. You can easily set your exercise and healthy eating goals each week and increase your fitness level.

    Download Pact


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