In most of the cases stock ROM in an android device has limited functionalities and appearances. A quick work around to improve functionalities and appearances of your android is by flashing a custom ROM. The beauty of the Android OS is it is an open source which makes it possible for third party developers to tweak and recompile the code and release custom ROMs.

Custom ROMs are available for almost every device running on android including mobile phone, tablet, watch, etc. Custom ROMs can also let you to overclock your android device which can dramatically boost your device’s performance. However it is only recommended to flash custom ROMs when your device warranty is over because flashing custom ROM’s will void your device warranty.

Disclaimer: Custom ROMs can only be installed after rooting the android device which will void the device warranty. You need to be careful and be at your own risk because it can also brick your device.

When You Should Try Flashing A Custom ROM On Your Android Device

There is no doubt, installing a custom ROM with boost your device performance and change appearances but on the other side, the process is risky as well. Therefore, before I can share a list of top custom ROMs with you, let me tell you when you should try flashing the custom ROM:

  • When your device is out of warranty and you are ready to take responsibility of your own before tweaking system files.
  • If you find  a device with similar hardware from another manufacturer running on android with more features then you can find and port that custom ROM to your device.
  • If your device is giving poor battery life and performance and RAM cleaner apps are not helping you either then you can try flashing a custom ROM.
  • If your phone has stopped receiving updates from the manufacturer since a long time and your android is outdated.
  • If you have previously done modifications to your android after rooting which you don’t like then you can try installing a custom ROM.

Here is a list of top 10 Custom ROMs for android which you can download for free.

Top 10 Best Custom ROMs For Android

custom ROMs For Android


    MIUI ROMMIUI ROM is one of the best and popular ROMs for android with cool interface. After installing MIUI ROM your device will get an awesome interface of MI smartphone with all the features of MI smartphone. It lets you to easily identify, mark or block unwanted calls with their detailed options. One of the best feature of this ROMs is to allow viewing of all new notifications on the lock screen. It also provides amazing themes with battery saving options.

       Download From Here

  2. Paranoid Android

    Paranoid AndroidParanoid Android is another nice ROM for android. It is developed and designed in such a way that it consumes minimum resources. One of the unique features of this ROM is Hover mode option. It allows you to view and interact with notifications from any screen. Along with this, it also offers its own version of the PIE menu, Ambient Mode and others to all users for better user experience.

    Download From Here

  3. Dirty Unicorns

    Dirty UnicornsDirty Unicorns is a Marshmallow based open-source ROM for android. It includes CM theme engine along with cool and amazing features as status bar & notification drawer mods, lock screen configurations, notification LED settings, and other customization options. It has a Dirty tweaks section where you can get all the tweaks with customization option. You can get dataflow indication, double tap to lock, OmniSwitch floating toolbar, and other options on your android smartphone using this ROM.

    Download From Here

  4. OmniROM

    OmniROMOmniROM is another custom ROM for devices running on android which allows you to customize and giving your device a complete new look. You can easily download and use this ROM on your android device for free. It comes with flippable quick settings so that you can easily use it on your smartphone. It also allows you to access multi-window at a same time and 3D depth phase beam option which is really cool.

    Download From Here

  5. LineageOS

    LineageOSLineageOS is another nice custom ROM. LineageOS is free and open source operating system for android smartphones. It is easy to use with good user interface. It is built on top of Google’s AOSP code and has also added some extra codes and functions on it to make it more useful with extra features. There are a huge number of developer team. It supports more customized custom ROM with extra adding features for all android user.

    Download From Here

  6. Resurrection Remix

    Resurrection RemixResurrection Remix is an excellent, clean and regularly updated ROM for an android device. It has more and unique features available with more custom options. It is easy to customize and can surely let you to add extra functionalities to your android device. It is supported on various android smartphones and is currently available with latest android version. As it updates regularly so you will easily get latest and cool features of the latest android version.

    Download From Here

  7. SlimRoms

    SlimRomsSlimRoms is a light weight and most functional custom ROM for android users. It is based on AOSP code with some custom code and functionalities. One of the best feature of this Rom is the inclusion of the slim recents and the slim PIE. It has various awesome features including displaying recent apps in a side bar by using SlimRoms project. The slim PIE allows you to replace navbar and it will be highly useful when using your device in immersive mode.

    Download From Here

  8. Pac-Man ROM

    Pac-Man ROMPac-Man ROM is a good and free ROM for android which will give a fresh look to your device. It offers custom and unique ROM to all users with better and unique features. You will also get regular updates after the installation. It also allows you to follow its developers and so that you can see what they are working on. It is a must try custom ROM for your android device.

    Download From Here

  9. AOKP

    AOKPAOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project, which is an open source operating system for android device. You can easily download it from its official website and use it on your smartphone. It provides you with custom features added to your smartphone. You will be able to easily customize screen and settings of your smartphone and get a new and unique look. One of the best feature of this is it allows to you to use a navigation ring so that all actions can be assigned to the navigation ring.

    Download From Here

  10. Carbon ROM

    Carbon ROMCarbon ROM is another good ROM for android users with a great user-interface and unique features. One of the best feature of this ROM is it uses less space of your device. You can prefer flashing this custom ROM even when your device is low on storage space. It has options to customize the color of navigation bar, battery, signal icons and  others. You can also add more options and also customize them on your smartphone using this ROM. It allows you to put up to 4 apps and shortcut in the quick launch ring.

    Download From Here


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