Almost everyone likes to customize their stuff whenever possible, especially when it comes to computers and other electronics. If you use a computer on a regular basis then I’m sure you have modified its settings to add your own personal touch to it with some sort of theme or background etc.

Android devices allow you to have background home screen wallpapers just like your computer does which lets you personalize your device with pictures of outdoor scenery, your pets, and favorite hobbies etc. Android devices will have many built in wallpapers to choose from or you can use a picture that you have taken yourself from your photo gallery as your wallpaper.

Download Free Live Wallpapers For Android

One great feature included with Android devices is the ability to use what is called live wallpaper on your phone or tablet. Live wallpaper is animated wallpaper that moves in the background of your device behind the app icons. These live wallpapers can do things such as showing an animated outdoor scene or display the music spectrum for the currently playing song if you are listening to music. Android devices will come with built in live wallpapers that you can choose from or you can download them from the Android Market. If you go to the Market and search for live wallpapers you will get more than enough to choose from. There are live wallpapers ranging from scenery to animals to space scenes and many others. Just make sure you are downloading from a legitimate source and read the reviews to see if there are any issues with the wallpaper.

Download Live Wallpaers From Google Play Store

To change your home screen to use live wallpaper simply press the menu button on your device while on your home screen and then tap on Wallpaper. You will be prompted to choose where you want to go to for your wallpaper such as your photo gallery and so on. Choose the Live wallpapers option and you will see the available live wallpapers on your device with descriptions of what each wallpaper does.

 You can tap on each item to get a preview of the wallpaper before applying it. Once you choose the wallpaper you want to use tap on Set wallpaper to have it applied to your device.

Now you have an animated wallpaper to add a little excitement to your Android phone or tablet. You can play around with different ones to find the one that you like the best or go to the market and download a bunch and try them out. Keep in mind that using a live wallpaper will use more battery life than if you didn’t but most of the time its pretty minimal.



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