I can understand you are an iPhone lover and want to make your android smartphone to look like an iPhone. The best possible way is to try out free iOS themes for android or iOS launcher on your android device.

With free iOS launchers or iOS themes for android, you can change the interface of your android phone and make your android looks like an iPhone. After that you can also install Siri like apps for android which will be like topping to the cake. It is obvious that you cannot completely redesign it but a good iOS 10 theme will definitely give any one a cool impression that you are carrying an iPhone. If you open Playstore then you will find many iOS launcher apps claiming to be the best but in actual it is not true. Our team has tested many of them and handpicked best ones. So here you can find cool iOS themes for android.

Top 10 Free Cool iOS Themes For Android: iOS 10 on Android

  1. Lock Screen iOS 10:

    Lock screen iOS 10 is one of the most popular free iOS launcher for android users. With the help of this app, you can customize your phone to look like iOS 10. You can easily set wallpaper from your gallery or your phone camera. One of the nice features in this app is it supports both 12-hour and 24-hour format, supports displaying missed calls and unread messages, quick launch app and other amazing feature. You can also set pin password or pattern for keypad lock security. Easily use a custom color and font of date and time.
    Lock Screen IOS 10 Phone7

    Download Lock Screen IOS 10 From Play Store

  2. Theme for New Phone:

    Theme for New Phone is another cool iPhone launcher theme specially designed for CM Launcher users. In this app, there are different types of awesome icons and wallpapers by which you can easily personalize your device. You can easily download and use this iOS 10 theme on your android phone and tablet so it will transform your android into an iPhone. To use this theme you have to download and install the theme you need to install CM launcher, start CM launcher, go to theme mine and apply this theme to your phone.
    iOS themes for android

    Download Theme for New Phone From Play Store

  3. iLauncher 10:

    iLauncher 10 is another free iOS theme launcher for android. In this app you will find free themes available for you, use any of them for a better look of your android phone. iLauncher 10 has cool animations and blur background effects.It also lets you to easily drag and drop the title and customize it according to you. There is a quick search based on alphabetic index search so easily search anything from your phone. Easily zoom-in and zoom-out with its zoom-in and zoom out feature.
    iLauncher 10 OS 10 Theme 10 Android Apps

    Download iLauncher 10 From Play Store

  4. Stock iOS 10 Wallpapers:

    Stock IOS 10 wallpaper is also one the iOS Themes for android. It has a collection of beautiful high-resolution concept wallpapers of IOS 10. It has more collections of 20HQD and 10 full HD iPhone wallpapers and amazing user Interface and easy to use. You can apply wallpapers directly from this app or save them to your device and use for the lock-screen background as well. This app is compatible with all of android phones and tablets so you can easily use this app on your android phone.
    Stock IOS 10 Wallpapers Android Apps

    Download Stock IOS 10 Wallpapers From Play Store

  5. Wallpapers OS 10:

    Wallpaper OS 10 is one of the nice iOS themes for android. With the help of this iOS launcher, you can easily use awesome unique wallpaper of ios 10. This app allows users to access certain OS wallpapers on your android display. It includes many free offline HD iOS 10 wallpaper for android users. You can easily change your wallpaper with latest iOS lock screen wallpaper and other according to your interest. In this app, you will find beautiful backgrounds, wallpapers, and images available to use on your android device.
    Wallpapers OS 10 Android Apps

    Download Wallpapers OS 10 From Play Store

  6. Move to iOS:

    Move to iOS is one of the amazing tool which is actually not a launcher but it is a must have tool for you to import all of your settings from android to an iPhone. It allows you to easily migrate all of your android icons and settings securely including all contacts, message, photos, videos, mail accounts, and others. Once your content has been transferred, you’re ready to get going. Before migrating your data your new iPhone or iPad will create a private Wi-Fi network and then find nearest android device running.
    Move to iOS Android Apps

    Download Move to iOS From Play Store

  7. xOS Launcher:

    xOs launcher is a free ios theme for android and is completely free to download for android users. This app is light, easy to use, beautiful and smooth for all users and lets your android to like an iPhone with iOS 10. With this app you will increase your interest in iPhone with its looks. It is loaded with lots of visual eye-candies and doesn’t consumes much of your RAM or battery life. It provides a customizable home screen with lots of theme options .
    xOS Launcher Android Apps

    Download xOS Launcher From Play Store

  8. I Call Screen:

    Another amazing free iOS theme and iOS themes for android is I call screen. It lets you to make android dialer as iPhone dialer. You can easily get a cool full screen caller ID, dialer screen and  definitely it will make your android device look good. This app has amazing iPhone 7s calling features. You can easily switch to this advanced call screen from your default boring call screen.The best feature of this app is easily set either one or both incoming and outgoing calling screen or select any one of it.
    i Call Screen OS 10 Dailer Android Apps

    Download I Call Screen From Play Store

  9. Quick Screen Lock:

    Quick screen lock app is another cool iPhone lock screen app for android. Get amazing theme for lock screen of your android phone or tablet. All features of your android including enable/disable wifi, on/off flashlight, brightness and others will get transformed like iPhone features. There are lots of cool settings available in this free ios 10 theme app for android. The best feature of this app is it provides comprehensive settings for personalization, easily enable/disable sound of your phone. You will surely notice smooth transitions in this iOS launcher which will give a feel as if you are really carrying an iPhone.
    Quick Screen Lock Android Apps

    Download Quick Screen Lock From Play Store

  10. Launcher Theme for iPhone 7:

    Launcher is free and brand new iOS10 icon pack for android users. In this app there are many custom icon packs and you can switch to them as per your interest and use. This app is power efficient so you can use this app with even less battery consumption and save your battery life. You can easily set pin with keypad lock to enhance screen lock security. There are some amazing, beautiful wallpaper to decorate your phone screen so your android device would look as an iPhone and you must enjoy this iOS 10 themes for android.
    Launcher Theme for iPhone 7 Android Apps

    Download Launcher From Play Store


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