If you are a regular Internet user on your home or work computer then I’m sure you have bookmarks or favorites that you use to keep track of your most commonly used websites. These bookmarks come in handy so you don’t have to remember all your favorite sites and can keep track of them all in one place. But wouldn’t it be nice to have all your bookmarks from your computer on your Android phone or tablet as well?

Import Bookmarks From PC To Android

MyBookmarks for Android allows you to import the bookmarks or favorites from the web browser of your choice on your computer into your phone or tablet. This way you can have quick access to all your favorite websites from your Android device.

The first step is to download and install the MyBookmarks app from the Play store. Then when you run the app it will give you an ID number that you will use on the MyBookmarks website to have your bookmarks uploaded so they can be sent to your device.

Once you have your ID number go to the MyBookmarks website and enter your ID number. You will also need an exported copy of your bookmarks that you saved as a file. This process will vary depending on what browser you are using on your computer.

Once you type in your ID and browse to the location of your exported bookmarks file simply click on the Send my bookmarks button and your bookmarks will be uploaded and ready to be imported into your Android.

Now back on your device tap on the Import your bookmarks from RerWare.com button and choose Yes to have your bookmarks imported.

If you choose One by One you will be prompted for each bookmark that is to be imported just in case you don’t wall all of them on your Android. Choosing All at once will import all of them.

It will say import successful when it’s complete. Then you can open your browser and see that all your bookmarks from your computer are imported into your browser. If you want to delete them all then you can run MyBookmarks again and tap on the Delete all your Android bookmarks button.


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