Google has released its smart instant messaging app powered with AI and might give a tough competition to Whats app in future. The app has already started getting viral and many people are claiming it to be the Whatsapp killer but we will actually find out today in this post whether it will be able to actually give a tough competition to whatsapp or not by comparing Google Allo vs Whatsapp.

If you have already started using it then you must have seen really cool features in Allo but I would say it will never gonna be easy to make people forget about the simple and clean Whatsapp interface from users mind but still Google has put a really smart baby step after releasing Google Allo but still long way to go.

Google Allo vs Whatsapp Comparison

Today I am going to do a detailed comparison between Google Allo and Whatsapp. We will start with Google Allo and discuss its pros and cons then we will move to Whatsapp pros and cons.

Google Duo Vs Whatsapp Comparison

Google Allo:

Google Allo is an amazing free chatting app for both Android and iOS. In this app, there is a Google Assistant option from where you can search any this without opening Google on your browser. Google Allo has also the ability to share media & location, custom notifications, read receipts, voice messages, GIF support, group chats etc. It has packs a lot of emojis and stickers you can use them in your conversations. Some features of Google is as below.

Shout or Whisper a Message

Shout or Whisper a message is nothing but the ability to Increase or Decrease the text size to make a text more expressive and attractive. For use this feature firstly you have to type your message, press and hold the send icon, Slide up the blue bar to shout or down to a whisper, now To send your message, remove your finger. And if you want To cancel your message, then slide your finger to the left until the blue bar disappears.

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Allo Shout

Smart Reply

Google Allo has another good feature as smart Reply. In this feature, it suggests a reply for you which make to anyone more addictive. Smart Reply gets  AI-based reply suggestions to a text or a photo. It gives an instant answer for a message like if anyone sends you an image of a baby then Allo suggests you replies like “cute baby”, “so cute” and others.


You can send sticker from Google Allo on your conversation which is still not available on Whatsapp. So you must enjoy this feature of the Allo app. You can download more stickers from sticker store of the Allo app. Ther are not packed a ton of stickers now in sticker store of the All but that should change soon and you can get more sticker according to your mood and emotion.

Incognito Chat:

Google Allo includes an amazing incognito chat mode so that you can chat to anyone in private chat mode. In incognito chat mode there is a feature of self-destructing times, discreet notifications. In this mode the messages send in the chat are end-to-end encrypted and private message.In Incognito chat mode you can set the time for chat expiration after that time period chat will be automatically deleted. Whatsapp has not Incognito chat mode so Allo has another positive point.

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Google Assistant

There were times when it used to be necessary to make google as your homepage to make your searches more quick. However, Google Assistant makes Google Allo different. If you want to search anything from google then you ask to google Assistant. You must get the correct answer and best answer. Google Assistant is a google search engine. You can type @google in your contact list for using the Google Assistant. You can get the best result as subscription, weather, sports, games, Answer and other news from the google Assistant feature.

Google Assistant

Drawback (Google Duo Cons)

Google Allo does not supports calling feature which is enabled in Whatsapp. You can’t share any documents so Google Allo doesn’t support file-sharing option. Since there is not an end-to-end encryption in google Allo app so there are privacy concerns in this app. Google Allo stores all your chats and conversation in its database with Google Assistant. This is the main drawback of Google Allo app.


Whatsapp is an amazing free chatting app for all smartphone users.

  • It provides end-to-end encryption method so that you can protect your chat and conversation that is the biggest advantage of Whatsapp.
  • You can share any document or file by Whatsapp.
  • In this application there is an option of calling so that you can call to your Whatsapp user friend.
  • In this there is an option of store or delete your chat or message so you can create a backup of your conversation. Once you have deleted the conversation it is gone forever.
  • There is an option of lastseen so that you can see the last seen of your friend. You can also hide the last seen option from the Whatsapp so that no one can see your last seen.


  • Whatsapp doesn’t support sticker option so you can’t send sticker while using Whatsapp.
  • It doesn’t support smart reply method.
  • Whatsapp doesn’t support incognito chat mode.
  • There is no any Virtual Assistant or Bot on WhatsApp.
  • Recently Whatsapp has announced a big policy change that it will start sharing information with Facebook which is the parent company of the Whatsapp.

Allo Vs Whatsapp Comparison Table


Google Allo Vs Whatsapp

FeaturesGoogle AlloWhatsApp
Read ReceiptsYesYes
Voice MessagesYesYes
End to End EncryptionIncognito Chat onlyApp-wide
Last SeenNoYes
GIF supportYesYes
Self-destructive MessagesYesNo
Custom NotificationsYesYes
Smart ReplyYesNo
Virtual Assistant or BotYesNo
Text FormattingFont, Bold, Italics, StrikethroughFont Size Increase or Decrease
File SharingNoYes
AvailabilityAndroid, iPhoneAndroid, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Web


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