Introducing you today with “Game killer APK” that allows you to hack in-app purchase items of offline games and other android applications from your android device.

What Is Gamekiller App ?

Gamekiller App is free android APK similar to Freedom APK, Creehack APK i.e. used for in-app purchase items. Game-killer android app used by Android end users  to hack offline android platform supporting games coins and  increase your game money, scores, levels, Gems etc. Gamekiller will not work for online games. You can modify any android game values easily without trouble using this android APK. Game killer can hack almost every offline android platform supporting games.
Game killer APK Enables Android user to perform offline hack on all android supporting games in-app purchase items.


  • Game killer free APK latest (Version 3.11) Features.
  • Hunt for Popular Android Games with specific number.
  • Lock the video game value to a set number.
  • Exploring game statues with exact number or unclear directions.
  • Save/Load the taken care of list.
  • Tap on sprite of Gamekiller apk to bring up the device during gaming.
  • Gamekiller android apk will help you to hack offline android games coins, and increase game score, money, gems, levels etc.
  • Fixing bugs with previous versions,
  • HEX edit.
  • Unload code.

Game Killer v3.11 : Download Requirements

  • You device must be operated on Android 2.3 and above versions.
  • Your device must be rooted to use game killer app on your android device.

Steps To Download Gamekiller APK Free

Here I have discussed the ways to download different popular versions of game killer free apk for android.

  • Verify device Specifications, check device for requirements for using Game killer apk.
  • Enable “Install on Unknown Sources” Under “Security” on settings on your phone.
  • Download the game killer apk for your device with following options:
    1. Download 4 shared software, create an account on to your device, and search for “game killer“and go with tapping on first opt.
    2. Link to download Gamekiller apk for android 2.3 and above versions operated smart phone is Download freeGame killer APK from here.
      Game killer free version 3.11 apk for android from here Game killer free version 2.60 apk for android from here
    3. Run the set up file of Game killer app on you device in general store at  /SD/downloads.
    4. Go with package installer option.
    5. Allow the Gamekiller package to access complete network access, storage.
    6. Install game killer apk on your rooted android 2.3 + device by running the file on your device.
    7.  Download and use Lucky Patcher or Game spector  to register Game killer APK so to access full features of Gamekiller.

Register Gamekiller To Unlock All Features

  1. Install Game killer and Lucky Patcher, don’t allow restarting.
  2. Now open Lucky Patcher APP, Game Killer APP and grant superuser permission.
  3. Update Lucky Patcher to latest version going to settings update.
  4. Verify for Game killer product registration, using   ‘how to register ‘ opt, you will be finding that you don’t have registered version of Gamekiller android app, Now we can start registering game killer:
    1)    Open Lucky Patcher ,tap on Game Killer,
    2)    Open menu of patches custom patch select “” , tap on apply results patching successful.
  5. Now you can find the Game killer was registered and unlock with all the features.
  6. Register Game killer using Game spector to unlock all the features.
  7.  Verify for Game killer product registration, go to how to register to verify weather Game killer  is registered or not, you will be finding the product was not registered , now exist the Game killer App.
  8.  Download and Install Game Spector App.
  9. Grant superuser permission for Game spector and Game killer APK’s so to interact shell space.
  10.  Find Game killer by running Game Spector enable patch press home button so to make patches automatically update.
  11. Check for product registration , you can now confirm that the product was registered.

Now we can use all the features of game killer android app.You now downloaded latest version of Game killer APK and registered with Lucky patcher or game spector, now you can easily move to your game next levels as you have unlimited coins, points, money, gems.
Using Game killer free APK to hack offline games coins and increase points, levels, of your android platform supporting game:
•    Run Game killer APK or offline hacking android apk and minimize the Gamekiller app,
•    Open the offline Android supporting Game on your device for which you need coins or to which you want to boost for next levels,  to which you want to increase points, money, gems.
•    Check for the coins you have with selected android game, open game killer to search for the coins number , tapping on search interface provided,  tap on auto identify , you will be directed to results, you continue to play the game to change the coins till, searching with coin number direct you to interface with only single result obtained,
•    Click on the result obtained, modify these results and continue, you can now increase your game points, gems, coins or boost your game to next levels. Finally you can be the best at your game among all the competitors.
Note: Game Killer icon should be visible while playing the game.
Latest versions of Game killer APK:
Game Killer team researching a lot, releasing new versions og Game keeper APK with lot of updates and new features that make offline hacking, modifying android games and applications easier to android users.
•    Game killer free version 2.60 apk for android(popular  version of Game killer and preferred by most game players ),
•    Game killer free version 3.11 apk for android
Game killer APK V 3.11 is latest version of Offline games in-apps purchase items hacking android app

Solutions for fixing “Root privilege needed” with Gamekiller APK:
“Root privilege needed “issue when using Game killer APK without rooting the device or when your Android device was not properly rooted,
To fix “Root privilege needed” error you need to fallow below mentioned process:
•    Force stops the Game killer APP.
•    Install IRoot App which will check and fix and root your android device.
Now you can use Gamekiller APP for hacking offline android games and have fun, boost your game to next levels…..
Note: Android users cannot hack server side games using Game killer APK.


Game killer free APK is an android app that helps android users to hack only offline android platform supported games to increase their game points, coins, levels, gems and offline android applications, you can even modify both games and Applications, use full access of applications without any restrictions and many more using this android app, You can use full featured game killer app by registering the app using Lucky patcher or Game spector APK.