Rooting an android phone gives us more control over our android phone. When rooting was an uncommon word, it was not possible to customize android. However time has changed now, there are several free root apps available and rooting is possible for almost every android device. After rooting your device  you will have the superuser access over your android, so that you can change any setting or even android version according to your need and wish but also note that if you have rooted your android device then it might affect the warranty of the device.

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After rooting your android phone, you can easily tweak your phone like removing per-installed non useful system apps, installing a custom ROM and install hacking apps like Game killer apk, etc. This post is intended for you if you have already rooted your phone and looking for some free root apps for android or apps for rooted android device. I have handpicked best free root apps for android which will help you in android customization without any hassle.

free Root apps for android

Top 15 Rooted Apps For Android

  1. Greenify:

    Greenify is one of the most popular free rooted apps for Android. This app helps you to run almost as smoothly and lastingly as it did the first day you had it while you installed lots of apps on your phone or tablet. With the help of Greenify app you can identify the misbehaving apps and put it into hibernation when you are not using them. If you are using this app then you can also protect your data and this app also never collect your personal data it cleans all junk files and apps which are running in background.
    Greenify rooted Apps for Android

    Download Greenify From Play Store

  2. Dumpster:

    Dumpster is an amazing app for the android users. It works like a recycle bin on your windows or mac desktop computer. Some time if you are deleted any important file and data by mistake and sudden you remembered that that deleted file was important for you than at that case you you have to use Dumpster app. Dumpster gives you the ability to recover accidentally deleted content including images, videos, audio, PDF, zip, mp3, mp4, doc, AVI, mpg, JPEG and all common file types. You can backup and restore your file in cloud.
    Dumpster Photo Video Restore Android Apps

    Download Dumpster From Play Store

  3. Titanium Backup:

    Titanium Backup app is another good app for root you phone. With the help of this app you can backup, restore of your apps, data, SMS, MMS, calls,bookmarks,WiFi AP as XML. You can export your backup file save it to your SD card or store it on cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox and others. You can easily convert Convert user apps to system apps and vice versa. You can easily import your backup file from where you stored. There is an option of encryption in this app so that you can encrypt your important data for security purpose.
    Titanium Backup root Android App

    Download Titanium Backup From Play Store

  4. System app remover:

    System app remover is a good rooted apps for android users.With the help of this app you can move your app from your system to your external SD card so that your system storage will be free and system runs smooth and fast. And with the help of this app you can also move your SD card app in your system if you need. For this process you must have to need root permission. This app is Safe and tested on many devices so that you can easily use this app on your Android device.
    System app remover ROOT Android Apps

    Download System app remover From Play Store

  5. Nandroid Manager:

    Nandroid Manager is an amazing tool or app by which you can manage all of your Android backups. The best part of this app is you can also restore your data from your nandroid tool such as apps, text messages, call logs and others. Not only restore but also you can flash new recoveries and store it on your nandroid tool. With this tool you can rename backup, easily compress your backup file to zip and also delete backup when not needed. If you are using its pro version then you can access some amazing feature as restore WiFi Access Points, Bluetooth data, user word dictionary, and other from backup.
    Nandroid Manager ROOT Android Apps

    Download Nandroid Manager From Play Store

  6. Servicely:

    Today all android users are facing problem of battery life battery of android device is sucks as compared with iPhone because of number of background apps running at a same time. So if you are using servicely app in your android device and rooted your phone then you’ll be able to select which services or apps you wanna kill automatically. You can also enable/disable any app or services permanently by using this rooted apps.
     root Servicely Android Apps

    Download Servicely From Play Store

  7. Root your Android Phone:

    This is an amazing and free app by which you can root your Android device easily. With the help of this app you can easily access your root files and any of your interesting files. This app is light in weight, most effective and easy to use so that you can easily use and root your device easily.
    Root your Android Phone Android Apps

    Download Root your Android Phone From Play Store

  8. Xposed Framework:

    Xposed Framework is an amazing app which is used for custom ROMs. With the help of this app you can customize you phone and create custom Roms. And your phone optimized better in performance. Xposed Framework is one of the best app by which you can you can easily customize without installing custom ROMs. In this app there are some special modules for button remapping, theming, performance tweaks and UI customization inside the app. This app is available on XDA forum only so that you can download app for XDA forum.
    Xposed Framework

    Download Xposed Framework

  9. SDFix:

    It is very tough for android KitKat to write files to the Micro SD card because Android remove this facility. So SD Fix is one of the best app for you to write any files, images, videos and other on your SD card. If you are using this app then you must have to access root modifications. This app is useful for that who have user-installed Micro SD card device. If you are using any other device like Google Nexus device or other without a Micro SD card then you can’t use this app. If you are using this app then you must have a knowledge to fully restore your device to stock if required.
    SDFix KitKat Writable MicroSD Android Apps

    Download SDFix From Play Store

  10. Overclock:

    Overclock is an amazing free rooted Apps for Android device users. With the help of this app you can change the speed of your monitor. This app can help you make CPU run according to you and monitor the current CPU speed. You can increase speed of your device and save your device battery. This app is mostly used by the game lover users. If you are playing the game and your device be heated so you can’t play the game then you can use this app and play your favorite game easily.
    OverclockWidget Android Apps

    Download Overclock From Play Store

  11. WiFi Connection Fixer:

    WiFi connection fixer is one of the best free rooted apps to fix the poor internet connection. If your device have poor internet connection and you are unable to connect to WiFi then you can use this app and fix this error. This app will only work when you have rooted your Android device. You can easily connect any WiFi network without reboot your device in just few minutes. This app also use for increase your internet connection speed.
    WiFi Connection Fixer ROOT

    Download WiFi Connection Fixer From Play Store

  12. Viper4Android:

    With the help of viper4Android android app you can easily control different audio devices connected with your phone individually. If you are using this app you have control of multiple audio device phone speakers, headset, Bluetooth device or any other audio equipment you connect to the phone. There are inbuilt audio driver in this app by which you can add more aditional feature of the audio. There are many additional effects and bass boost are available by which you can add more efects on the music.

    Download Viper4Android

  13. Force-Stop It:

    Force Stop it is an amazing app for Android user rooted apps to force-stop applications permanently. I this way processor of your device will be free, speed of your device will be fast, and increase battery use time. For use this app you have to follow 3 step firstly show running applications, and easily stop all app which you want. For using this app you must have root access of your device.
    Force Stop It Root Required Android Apps

    Download Force-Stop It From Play Store

  14. Speed Up Swap:

    Speed Up swap is another an amazing app for android users. With the help of this app you can speed up your device and make your device more responsive and faster. After using this app speed of your device will be increase and you can use memory more efficient. This app allows You to use more memory without extra operations. You can also clean extra apps and increase the speed of your device.

    Download Speed Up Swap From Play Store

  15. Root Booster:

    Root Booster is another amazing rooted app for android users. With the help of this app you can increase your battery life. You can clean unwanted app so that RAM of your device increase and device speed you can also hibernate, kill, clean, those app. The best part of this app is system cleaner by which you can cleans empty folders, gallery thumbnails and uninstalled apps trash to speed up your device and free up your storage.
    Root Booster Android Apps

    Download Root Booster From Play Store


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