If you are a music lover then you must love listening songs on FM transmitter app as well . Right ? Music doesn’t need to have sophosticated mp3 players to listen to songs but they all need is a simple music app which can full fill their requirements without much hassle. Most sophisticated smartphones sometimes doesn’t have any FM radio app but if you are still a FM radio lover then this post is for you. I am listing down best free FM transmitter apps for android which you can use to listen to FM radio online without any issue.

There are over 10,000 FM radio channels to stream radio online and and most of them are free radio apps so today I am going to list down free FM transmitter radio apps for android smartphones and tablets which can help you in listening to FM radio online.

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Top 12 FM Transmitter Apps For Android : FM Modulator App

  1. Caradio:

    Caradio app is an amazing free FM Transmitter Apps for android users. This is the 1st 2-way wireless control app between smart phone and car head unit. This app is supported by only in the certified car head. This app is easy to use, direct radio control, mobile phone music entertainment and other amazing features so anyone can use this app. The best feature of this app is there is a google navigation, speed camera warning so that you can use this app while you are traveling to show the speed limit and road map easily.
    Caradio Android Apps

    Download Caradio From Play Store

  2. Online Radio:

    Online Radio app is an amazing free app where you can enjoy free online radio and listen song according to your interest. This app can also used as alarm clock, Sleep timer. There are more beautiful theme and design so that you can easily use any of your favorite theme. The best part of this app is you can add a custom radio station so that you can listen songs according to your interest. You can also stop the music while incoming call or incoming message. You can also request to the admin of this app for adding new stations, by sending me a mail so that you can create your own station and listen your favorite song.
    Online Radio Android Apps

    Download Online Radio From Play Store

  3. Radio 90.1:

    You can receive the radio program as a live stream with the help of Radio 90.1 amazing app. In this app you can easily stream radio program in high quality. The best part of this app is you can easily see the current playing song on your device. You can easily get the local news, traffic information of selected area, weather forecast and other information by this FM modulator app. In this app you can easily contact via Email to send your favorite song.
    Radio 90.1 Android Apps

    Download Radio 90.1 From Play Store

  4. Quick FM Transmitter:

    Quick FM transmitter is an amazing and popular free FM transmitter app for Android. You can easily use this app in your smartphone and enjoy the online radio. This application quickly launched an FM transmitter for IS03 and it works only on IS01, IS03, IS05, Arrows ef. If you are using on other then this application doesn’t wok properly. For using this FM modulator app you must use the antenna foe one seg otherwise it doesn’t work. And your device is on airplane mode then this application also not work.
    Quick FM transmitter Android Apps

    Download Quick FM Transmitter From Play Store

  5. Radio Record:

    Radio Record is another amazing free FM transmitter Apps for android device. You can play all Radio Record channels by using this free online player app. You can easily record any of your favorite song which you listen online, in this app there are Pirate station, Teodor, Record Dance core,Trance mission, Hop FM and many other option so that you must enjoy this app. The best part of this app of this FM modulator app is you can easily read news and listen to Super chart tracks right on your handset on this app.
    Radio Record Android Apps

    Download Radio Record From Play Store

  6. Master FM:

    Master FM is an amazing free FM transmitter app for android users. With the help of this app you will get all the news from the radio, all files in the podcast. The best part of this app is you can send the emails directly from the application and access to its social media networks like facebook and twitter so that you can get the latest news fron social media also. You can also hear all the interviews in its special program. Master FM is an amazing app by which you can easily listen the radio and also send email, and get the all latest news.
    Master fm Android Apps

    Download Master FM From Play Store

  7. STAR FM 92.9:

    Star FM 92.9 is a good, free and easy to use application for the android users. with the help of this app you can easily get the complete information and entertainment for any of your favorite topic. You can get the result in very quick time period on the top rating so that every ca use this and enjoy this app. There are clean and high-quality audio on this app so that you can listen high quality audio and enjoy it.In this app there are more accuracy of transmission of advertising messages so that you can easily get the correct message and easily understand it.
    STAR FM 92.9 FM Transmitter Apps For Android

    Download STAR FM 92.9 From Play Store

  8. NPO 3FM:

    NPO 3FM is the best free FM Transmitter Apps For Android where you can easily get the pop / rock / alternative channel of the public broadcasters. In this app you can hear and must be in love with these music and see the love for the music. You can easily listen and watch the online music on NPO 3FM. The best part of this app is you can also chat live with the famous DJs like Giel, Michael, Frank and others. You can also listen the main event of this as 3FM Serious Request, 3FM Awards, 90s Request, Request Zeroes and the summer festival and enjoy.
    NPO 3FM Android Apps

    Download NPO 3FM From Play Store

  9. Radio Wuppertal:

    Radio Wuppertal is a local radio program for Wuppertal. You can listen and enjoy this app not only on FM 107.4 MHz but also now available as an app for your Android smartphone. With the help of this app you can receive the live stream radio programs in high quality. You can easily see the current playing song on the display. You can also get the local news audio as a podcast, traffic Information, weather forecast, playlist songs and others.
    Radio Wuppertal Android Apps

    Download Radio Wuppertal From Play Store

  10. Car FM Play:

    Car FM play is an amazing app which is convenient for Bluetooth connections to create communication between car and the mobile. You can easily manipulate this app and enjoy the cloud music so that you can make your journey very exciting and enjoying. With the help of this app you can create your own local radio station, control FM transmission by your phone. You can also share any music with this app easily. With the help of this FM modulator app you can easily play your phone music as FM or you can play cloud music which you want. You can also mange songs easily so that you can set the next playing song.
    Car FM Play Android Apps

    Download Car FM Play From Play Store

  11. Car Music Player:

    Car music player is the most popular and amazing FM transmitter apps for android users. With the help of this app you can easily ply the songs of your phone on your car while driving. You can also get the distractions while driving. If you are using this app you don’t have to need any other extra media equipment simply connect your audio jack output to your car radio system and play music stored in phone memory card.
    Car Music Player Android Apps

    Download Car Music Player From Play Store

  12. Simple Radio by Streema:

    It is an amazing and simplest way of listening to your favorite FM radio stations, AM radio, Internet radio online and free radio stations. In this app there are more than 30,000 stations so that you can listen your favorite station and music online. This app is an amazing app where you can find radio station by genre like pop radio stations, news radio stations, rock radio stations, sports radio stations, and others you can also search radio stations by country like USA radio stations by state like New York radio or Los Angeles radio. This FM Transmitter Apps is simple and user friendly app so anyone can use this app easily.
    Simple Radio by Streema Android Apps

    Download Simple Radio by Streema From Play Store


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