Do popup ads annoy you on webpages ? There are many deceptive websites on the internet which shows cheap low quality ads to their users which are really annoying and it is suggested either not to use such websites or use some malware blockers or adblocker apps within your browser.

You might have experienced low quality and non relevant popups and popunder ads on websites. It is strictly suggested to use any updated malware app as these ad scripts may also harm your computer or steal information or if you don’t have one then you can simply install free adblocker apps to block low quality advertisers and will improve your browsing experience. I am going to list down best collection of top 10 free ad blocker apps for android which you can use to block ads from Youtube and Chrome.

Top 10 Adblocker Apps For Android: Adblock For Youtube, Chrome

  1. Adblock Plus:

    Ad blocker plus is one of the most popular free app for block all ads from your browser. You can browse safer and faster and also save your data in safe mode. Ads may be harmful for your smartphones and cause webpages to load slower, use more data plan and consume your battery life so if you are using adblock plus app in your smart phone it blocks all ads and save data and battery life. This app also reduce the risk of malware infection and enhance your privacy while you are browsing any thing.
    Adblock Plus Android app

    Download Adblock Plus From Play Store

  2. TrustGo Ad Detector:

    TrustGo Ad Detector is a most popular adblocker apps for android. This app scan and protect your phone from potential privacy violations and also block the unwanted ads from your browser so that you can easily browse any data and will be safe from the malware infection. Mostly ads are will get your browsing data and your information and then it is used for targeted marketing campaigns so this app block all ads and safe your information. TrustGo Antivirus & Security provides the best all-around protection for your phone from malware, spyware and Trojans.
    TrustGo Ad Detector Android Apps

    Download TrustGo Ad Detector From Play Store

  3. AdBlocker Lite Browser:

    Adblock lite Browser is not a particular ad blocker but it is a good browser which has in-build adblocker. You can use this app browser as adblocker apps for safe browsing and save your time and data as well. This app prevent unwanted and irritating ads, accelerate webpages, consume less disk space, CPU cycles, and memory than any other. This is a lite weight app which block all banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads while you are browsing any data from this browser. It provides fast browsing, downloading and unlimited tabs option at a same time.
    AdBlocker Lite Browser Android Apps

    Download AdBlocker Lite Browser From Play Store

  4. Security & Power Booster:

    McAfee Mobile Security is one of the most popular and old app which protect you from ads and provide more security for your Android device. The good features of this app is as Antitheft, Find Device, App Privacy Protection, Antivirus, Performance Optimization, and Security features from Intel Security. This app also block the unwanted ads from your browser and protect your information from those unwanted ads. This adblock app android scans for malicious code from files, SMS, SD card, apps and Internet downloads. Real-time detection of malware.
    Security Power Booster Free Android App

    Download Security & Power Booster From Play Store

  5. AppBrain Ad Detector:

    App brain ad detector app is an amazing app which detects all annoyances of apps installed on your phone, such as Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam ads and apps with privacy concerns. It also identifies the adware and spyware and allows you to then remove it so that you can browse safe and be able to safe your data from malwares. In this app there are 70 different aspects which detects ads and remove that ads for safe your data.
    AppBrain Ad Detector Android Apps

    Download AppBrain Ad Detector From Play Store

  6. Adblock Browser for Android:

    One of the most popular adblocker apps for android device. This app is one of the most popular adblock for youtube app and high quality ad blocking app for android device. You can easily block intrusive popups and annoying ads on Facebook, YouTube and more. This adblocker app provides fast, efficient browsing and safe your browsing information. It load all pages faster than other so that you can save your data and battery life of your device. There are lots of nasty stuff like malware and tracking can hide behind ads, this app block them easily.
    Adblock Browser Android Apps

    Download Adblock Browser for Android From Play Store

  7. NoRoot Firewall:

    This app is the good adblocker app for android users which is firewall without root. This app is currently doesn’t support IPv6 so it is not useful for the LTE users. The best part of this app is it protects your personal information from being sent to the Internet.You can easily get a notification when an app is trying to access the Internet you can easily press the Allow or Deny button according to you. You don’t have to root access for using this adblocker app enjoy this amazing app.
    NoRoot Firewall Android Apps

    Download NoRoot Firewall From Play Store

  8. Crystal Adblock:

    Crystal Adblock is an amazing adblocker apps for the Samsung users. With the help of this adblock app you can loads pages up to 4x faster, saves up to 50% of your data and improves your battery life. This app is easy to use, lite weight, and makes the browsing experience on your phone much more enjoyable. With the help of this app you can block all the annoying ads from your browser and browse your favorite webpages without distractions from annoying banners and pop-ups ads. The ads can consume more than 50% extra battery life so you can save your battery life also.
    Crystal Adblock for Samsung Android Apps

    Download Crystal Adblock From Play Store

  9. Kaspersky Antivirus & Security:

    Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the best antivirus which secure you from the internet and helps protect your smartphones and tablets, as well as any personal data stored on your devices, against dangerous mobile threats, viruses, spyware, Trojans etc. This app is free antivirus and phone security solution for Android devices. There is an option by which you can scan and detect dangerous viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans. Easily remove viruses and other threats from smartphones and tablets.
    Kaspersky Antivirus Security Android Apps

    Download Kaspersky Antivirus & Security From Play Store

  10. Adguard Content Blocker:

    Adguard Content Blocker is one of the best adblocker app that will block all ads only in Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser without requiring you to root your device. There are more than 20 language available in this app you can use any of them according to you and customize the app according to you. The size of this app is lite in weight and varies with device, easy to use and block all the possible ads from your browser to protect your data from the unwanted malwares so you can browse your favorite webpage easily.
    Adguard Content Blocker Android Apps

    Download Adguard Content Blocker From Play Store


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