Since your Android device has an operating system it makes sense that you may need to access the files and folders on your phone just like you would on your computer at home or at the office. Some versions of the Android OS do not provide you with a utility to do so while newer versions do. This is where a file management tool like ES File Explorer comes into play. If you have the built in app called Files then that is your file viewing program and it may be all you need. If not or if you want to try out something else to see additional features then ES File Explorer may be for you.

ES File Explorer Review

ES File Explorer is a free app that can be downloaded from the Android Market and allows you to look at the files on your SD card as well as the files on the device itself. It will also allow you to manage things like the applications and security of you device. After you install ES File Explorer, open the app and you will notice a listing of the files on your device. On the top left it will say either something like /sdcard indicating you are looking at the SD card or / by itself telling you that you are looking at the root of the local file system

Below the folder location section there is a toolbar that has features such as the ability to search folders, get help and instructions, change folder views and select multiple folders. The change folder views option comes in handy if you prefer a different view than the default icon view such as a list or details view of your files and folders.

 There is even an option to copy files via other methods such as LAN, FTP and Bluetooth. On the top left of the screen tap the dropdown box to select a different file transfer method. You will have to do come configuation on your end before using some of these transfer methods.

 Pressing the menu button on your device will bring up other options such as allowing you to create a new file or folder as well as letting you do typical file management tasks such as cut, copy, paste and delete. Just be careful not to move or delete any important system files that may cause your device to stop working!

 The manager section offers many handy utilities to help manage your device.

 Task Manager will let you kill running apps and services.

App Manager lets you do things like open, force stop or uninstall apps the same way you would in Settings.

Security Manager lets you add passwords to your apps, text messaging, dialer and contacts. It also offers a remote locking feature that lets you lock your phone if it’s lost.

Bookmarks Manager lets you manage your shortcuts/bookmarks for things like contacts, videos, music, pictures and browsers.

The SD Card Analyst will show you how much space each item on your SD card is taking up as well as total free and used space on your SD card.



  1. Hi, is there anything that just tells me how to do the simple stuff such as just moving various files from the inbuilt storage card to one I have just put in , I have allready dloaded the es file manager app but can find no maual..thank you O.owen


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