Creating professional designs and art is not easy on smartphones but there are cool drawing apps for android by which you can easily draw and design your favorite things. If you are professional illustrator, graphic designer or artist then you have just landed on the right post as here you can find best drawing apps which will make your work really convenient as sketch apps and drawing apps allows you to control and do your regular work on your android smartphone itself.

I am going to feature the best 15 android apps to draw or free drawing apps which lets you to sketch, paint, prototype and annotating photos. Drawing apps works just work perfect on tablets but if you have an android phone only then also its find. You can still invest your time on the below mentioned drawing apps to create art.

Best Cool Drawing Apps For Android

Top 15 Best Cool Drawing Apps For Android

  1. Sketch:

    A sketch is one of the best free android apps for drawing. In this app, you can easily publish your sketches and invite friends to collaborate after adding creativity of your friend you can easily mix. This is an amazing app which is compatible with all android devices. You can easily import any of your favorite pictures and enhance them using stickers. Easily share sketches and invite others to join the fun. The best feature of this app is color picker so get your favorite color by this tool. Use this amazing app and create your own public gallery.
    Sketch Android Apps

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  2. Painting and drawing for kids:

    Painting and drawing for kids are one of the best free cool drawing apps for android which is mostly used by kids. It is also a free game for all kids they can draw any of their favorite pictures and also paint the free coloring pages. There are many free coloring pages in the app which you can color and paint and share with family or friends. One of the best features of this app is intuitive icons and navigation, use this feature for more creative drawing and share your drawing via email, Facebook, etc.
    Painting and drawing for kids

    Download Painting and drawing for kids From Play Store

  3. Silk paints drawing:

    Silk paints drawing is another good drawing apps for android users. It will help you to create amazing figures by simple gestures. You can easily share your drawing to your friend, family and others. The best feature of this app is live wallpapers, easily draw your own or use from your gallery and do some creativity on it. You can use this app without having any internet connection. Create custom orientation and save that image on SD card.
    Silk paints drawing

    Download Silk paints drawing From Play Store

  4. Sketch Guru:

    Sketch Guru is one of the best technical drawing apps for android. It is also a professional app to make you an artist by creating the pencil sketch of your photos. The best feature of this app, it supports both black-white and color sketch along with more than 10 amazing effects as BlackBoard, Print, HalfTone, PencilSketch,WaterColor, Gouache, and others. You can also share your picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, E-mail, and other social media with your friends. In this app, there is a resize tool used to changing the size of your picture.

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    Sketch Guru Android Apps

    Download Sketch Guru From Play Store

  5. Easy Drawing for Kids:

    Easy drawing for kids is an amazing free cartoon drawing apps for android users. It is also known as a personal art teacher, it will teach you how to draw different objects and create amazing pictures. For using this app you don’t need any special skills, easily use this app and draw your favorite pictures. This app includes lots of drawing as toys, flowers, cartoon characters, animals, and others so use any of them. There are 4 steps for each drawing you have to follow to create an amazing drawing.
    Easy Drawing for Kids Android Apps

    Download Easy Drawing for Kids From Play Store

  6. Portrait Sketch:

    Portrait Sketch is an amazing good free android app for drawing. It is user-friendly UI design you can become a sketch artist by just one click from this app and create nice and clear sketch photos on human faces with just one button click. You can easily pick a picture from your gallery or capture image from your camera and easily generate the sketch and cartoon photos in both black-white and color. Save on your SD card or share it on social media with your friends of your edited picture.
    Portrait Sketch Android Apps

    Download Portrait Sketch From Play Store

  7. Pencil Sketch:

    Pencil sketch is an amazing easy-to-use drawing and painting apps for android. You can be a good artist by creating the pencil sketch of your photos by using this app. In this app, there are three styles included Sketch, Doodle, and Hatch. Pick any of your favorite picture from your gallery or capture one from your camera to generate the sketch. There are some amazing photo frames are included in the app so that you can easily apply them to your photo sketch for a better look at your sketch.
    Pencil Sketch Android Apps

    Download Pencil Sketch From Play Store

  8. Adobe Photoshop Sketch:

    Adobe photoshop sketch is another free drawing apps for android phones and tablets. You can easily use amazing tools as pencils, pens, markers, erasers, thick acrylic, ink brush, soft pastel and watercolor paint brushes to create artwork that can be sent as layered files to Adobe Photoshop. There are more than 10 tools so easily adjust size, color, opacity and blending settings of your picture. The best and amazing feature of this app is to multiple images and drawing layers they can restock, rename, transform and merge.
    Adobe Photoshop Sketch

    Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch From Play Store

  9. Animation Desk:

    Animation desk is one of the best free anime drawing apps for android phone and tablets. For using this app you don’t have needed any tools just your fingers and animation desk with off you go easily make your favorite anime on your android phone. It is an easy, user-friendly, and intuitive drawing environment so that everyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. Here it provides realistic scene for animation creating. Easily use various painting tools with pressure sensitivity pencil, crayon, fountain pen, three types of brush and eraser.
    Animation Desk Sketch Draw

    Download Animation Desk From Play Store

  10. Drawing Now for Kids:

    Drawing Now for Kids is another amazing cool drawing apps for android for kids. This app must help your kids for learning simple drawing, for fun and entertainment. There are more helpful diagrams which can you guide to draw best colorful objects. For using this app there are some amazing steps so you can easily draw any of your favorite pictures by following those steps. This application lets you and young kids to learn how to draw some fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers, animals, and more using some easy, step-by-step instructions that are simple, but very cute and elegant.
    Drawing Now for Kids Android Apps

    Download Drawing Now for Kids From Play Store

  11. Pro Sketch:

    Pro Sketch is another amazing good cool and free drawing apps for android user. It is a simple, elegant solution to sketching and drawing on your Android device. This app is for both kids and adults who love to draw, paint, crayon, and doodle you must love this app. You can easily save your edited images on your phone or also share this image with your friend, family or others via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and other social media. This app is totally free for all android users to make drawing cartoons, comics, and Japanese style anime easy and fun.
    Pro Sketch Drawing Pad Android Apps

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  12. Magic drawing:

    Magic drawing is an amazing anime drawing apps for android. With the help of this app you can easily create any of your favorite animated and easily use this image mobile screen. Draw your favorite anime image with the magic brush save it on your phone or share it with your friends, family on social media. Using animated brushes, you can create beautiful, animated photo frames. The best feature of this app provides demo video watch this and use the app.
    Magic drawing Android App

    Download Magic drawing From Play Store

  13. Drawing Grid:

    Drawing Grid is easy to use free drawing apps for android phone and tablet. The Grid Method is a well-known way to copy the correct proportions for drawing and painting. This is one of the best cool drawing practice apps for android and used by beginners. It allows the users to add some filter effects to help with pencil sketches and monochrome paintings. This drawing apps improve the observational skills. Easy to use and lightweight app for all android users.
    Drawing Grid Android App

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  14. Guess the Drawing:

    Guess the drawing is one of the best free drawing apps for android which is used as drawing quiz. In this app, you can easily create any image and use it as a quiz for your friend, family and others. This app includes superman, batman, most popular cartoons available, they shows randomly you have to guess that and find the right answer of that quiz and win some amazing price. There are two types of hints provided by this app as bomb hint, and place it hint by which you can get some special hint to solve the quiz.
    Guess the Drawing Android Apps

    Download Guess the Drawing From Play Store

  15. Photo Effects:

    Photo effect is another amazing good free drawing and painting apps for android. You can easily create the most realistic and astounding sketches of yourself or your couple. There are more that 10 effects are available as pencil, sketch, canvas,- engrave, cartoon, Emboss, crayon, and others so use any of your favorite effects for creating your pic amazing. Photo Sketch Effects brings to you an awesome collection of cartoon and pencil sketch effects, the effects you love to have on your pics. Easily turn your portraits into a sketch-style image within just a simple click on one of the sketches available.
    Photo Effects Pencil Sketch Android Apps

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