In the last decade, the Blackberry was the top business phone to have. It featured everything you needed to stay organized and on track. While you can still get a Blackberry, the Android is fast becoming the more popular choice for business people who need a quality phone. Here are some tips on how you can make Android the right phone for your business needs and turn android into a business smartphone.

Easy To Use Lock Screen

When you’re in a business meeting, you shouldn’t have to worry about someone going into your phone and looking at your information. Create an unlock pattern or choose a pin to secure your phone from prying eyes. It will allow you to set it on the table for a conference or meeting without having to worry about security.

Protect Yourself against Malware

It’s bad enough when you get malware on your computer, but the last thing you want is to allow malware to slip into the work computers through your cellphone. Protect yourself from the growing threat of malware by investing in a protective app. Antimalware apps worthy of adding to your phone include Lookout Mobile and DroidSecurity. Most antimalware apps are free, so make sure you download one today.

Keep the IT Department Happy

The IT department may be worrying about the enterprise apps you are using, and their biggest fear is hackers. With tools like PhoneFactor and SecureAuth, you can assure the team in IT that the company information is safe from hackers. It’s more secure than a username-password combination, and it will allow you to use your phone with more confidence. With SecureAuth, you can even tie your phone into ActiveDirectory, so it will be as secure as being on the LAN.

Keep the Smart Phone Updated

Google likes to upgrade their OS versions for better safety and innovations. Keeping your phone current on upgrades makes it easier to protect yourself from hackers and continue using your phone for business. You will also enjoy the hottest new business apps when you take the time to update the OS system.

Sync All Of Your Business Emails With Gmail For Android

If you have a businessman or working in a top IT company, then there is a possibility that you have a custom/business email, so you can easily synchronize that email with the latest version of Gmail for android. You can manually set IMAP/POP setting and setup any email service apart from google mail as well with Gmail. You just need to simply update your gmail in your android smartphone with the latest version.

Touch And Swipe Makes Your Tasks Easy

The Android doesn’t have a physical keyboard like Blackberry, but it does have an amazing feature. Swipe allows you to type words by moving your finger across the desired letters. It’s surprisingly accurate for larger words. If you have been hunting and pecking, then it’s time to embrace this unique technology. You will type faster and more accurately when you stop pecking and start swyping. You can also use Android’s Voice Actions to speed up navigation, simplify data entry and get more business use out of your phone.

If you are using Android for personal calls, then you will be excited to know that you can use it as a business phone. It has the organizational features you need, and you can even download apps to sync it with your business computer. Keep current on the OS platform and download antimalware apps keep the IT department happy. You will then be ready to lose the business phone and start getting more out of your Droid.


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