If you have a smartphone and you want to know about some best  lock Screen Apps for your smartphone then read this post. In this post, we are listing down top 15 best free lock screen apps for android. These apps are interesting, easy to use and customizable. You can use any one of these lock screen apps which are listed below in this post. With the help of these apps, you can easily get the weather report, notifications, latest news and others. These are best free, Standard, more functional lock screen apps.

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Top 15 Lock Screen Apps For Android

  1. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock:

    Alarm anti-theft screen locks one of the best lock screen app. This app is the combination of screen lock and security app. If we use this app , you can use it as screen lock as well as an alarm. When you enable these facilities of this app and , input wrong password then alarm ring and you can get that someone uses your phone. You can secure your phone from others. You can easily use this lock screen app for android.

    Anti theft lock screen app for android

    Download Alarm anti-theft screen lock From Playstore

  2. Next Lock Screen:

    Next Lock screen is a Microsoft product. This is free lock screen apps for all android device. You can create Custom unlock in this app. You can protect your phone with a PIN or pattern code. In this screen lock apps for android, there is Fingerprint unlock is also available for hardware supportable device. You can choose any wallpaper in this phone lock app.

    Next Lock Screen free app

    Download Next Lock screen From Playstore

  3. AcDisplay:

    AcDisplay is best free phone lock app for android users. It has many features and designs with a darkened background. You can easily show the notification on the lock screen. It has some other features such as Low-priority notifications, Blacklist, Dynamic background, and much more. You also can inactive this app when it is not in use fo save some battery.

    AcDisplay screen lock

    Download AcDisplay From Playstore

  4. Next News Lock Screen:

    Next News Lock screen is the best app for screen lock. In this app, you can also get the latest news most important stories and news, based on your interests, directly on your lock screen. You can read the news without unlocking the phone this is time-consuming. You can also bookmark any news and read them later in your free time.

    NextNews Lock Screen android

    Download Next News Lock screen From Playstore

  5. GO Locker:

    Go Locker is most popular lock screen app for android. Most of the android user this locker and have a trust on this app. It the free version of this app you can get unlimited themes that you can use any of them according to your interest. Never worry about the privacy in GO Locker it is very secure . You can change the setting of this app anytime.

    GO Locker lock screen apps for android

    Download Go Locker From Playstore

  6. Picturesque:

    Picturesque is also a Microsoft lock screen apps on this list.There are so many wallpapers in this free lock screen app so you can change the lock wallpaper according to your interest. In this lock screen app, you can create short keys for contacts, WhatsApp, and others. You can create custom lock in this free lock screen app for android.

    Picturesque Lock Screen

    Download Picturesque Locker From Playstore

  7. CM Security Locker:

    CM Security locker is the most popular lock app for android. It is also used for power saving. There is antivirus in this app so that it also protect your phone and apps from the virus. If you use this app and if anyone put wrong password or pattern then it captures an image and sends this image to registered mail id. This is the best feature of this app.

    CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

    Download CM Security Locker From Playstore

  8. Holo Locker:

    Holo locker is most customised free lock screen apps for android. You can customise this app according to you. This app is also known as what you say it is. It has an option for hiding the status bar, disable status bar also so you can hide the status bar. It supports system security for security reason.

    Holo Locker Android Apps

    Download Holo Locker From Playstore

  9. Hi Locker:

    Hi locker is one of the best and simple use locker app for android. It has nice look, wallpapers. You can get basic notifications such as notifications, weather, and calendar events.It is with 3 unlock style: Classic, Lollipop, iOS you can use any of these easily. It also supports Fingerprint option for hardware supportable device. You can customize everything with your own style.

    Hi Locker Lock Your Screen free

    Download Hi Locker From Playstore

  10. Echo Notification Lockscreen:

    Echo Notification Lockscreen is fastest and coolest screen lock apps for android. This lock screen shows quick notifications on the screen. It is a light app so it doesn’t effect on your battery. It categories notification according to the group like Instagram alerts into social and your Gmail messages into work. Similar alerts are bundled together so you can deal with them all at once.

    Echo Notification Lockscreen

    Download Echo Notification Locker From Playstore

  11. LokLok:

    LokLok is a very funny free lock screen apps for android. It needs a group of friends to connect to your network.If you are using this app then your Android lock screen replaces with a shared whiteboard that is always in sync between you and whoever you are connected to. And whenever someone changes their lock screen it’ll be automatically updated on everyone else’s.

    LokLok Draw on a Lock Screen

    Download LokLok Locker From Playstore

  12. Start Lock Screen:

    Start Lock Screen is Smart & Beautiful screen lock apps for android. In this app, if you forget the unlocking pin then you can easily get the access after submitting some security answers. You can easily get the weather report in this locking app.Millions of people have already made their Android devices more personalized with Start’s lock screen.

    Start Android Apps

    Download Start Lock Screen From Playstore

  13. Locker Master:

    Locker Master is most pretty lock screen app for android users. You can customize all the wallpaper, fonts, layout and what you want in this app. You can also add any text, time, and your battery percentage on the lock screen. You can also show unread SMS messages and missed calls on locker screen. There is an option to display third party app notification on locker screen (include Google +, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat etc).

    Locker Master best lock screen android

    Download Locker Master From Playstore

  14. SlideLock Locker:

    Slider Lock Locker is simple, powerful, and energy saving lock screen app for android. You can easily use this app on your android phone. This locker has only slide option you can set this slide according to you from any side. When any notification receives then screen wakes for a short time, allowing you to quick check without having to touch the device.

    SlideLock Locker

    Download Slider Lock Locker From Playstore

  15. Solo Locker:

    Solo Locker is the most interesting Lock Screen Apps for android users. In this app, you can use photos to lock your phone. This app is Smooth, lite, and ready to increase your privacy security. Solo locker adds fun and personality to your unlocking patterns. This app is most popular and interesting because you can use photos as part of the phone’s passcode.

    Solo Locker for android

    Download Solo Locker From Playstore


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