You might be already using lots of free apps on your android smartphone for your entertainment, so now its turn for your kid. There are many free apps for kids available on Google Playstore which you can download for your kid and it will help your child in learning and reading along with fun.

Today I am going to list down the best free apps for kids which are also learning and reading apps . You can download free apps for kids directly from Playstore for free but few of them may have in-app purchases. Free learning and reading apps.

10 Free Apps For Kids

Top 10 Best Free Learning And Reading Apps For Kids

  1. ABC Kids:

    ABC kids are one of the best free educational apps for kids to learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet. It is an amazing colorful early education app that helps children learn the English alphabet. Easily learn uppercase and lowercase letters to trace, listen to, and match. The best feature of this app is no third party ads it is a pure fun education app for kids. With the help of this app, a preschool age child can easily learn English and the English alphabet by simply following the instructions and arrow with their finger.
    ABC Kids Tracing Phonics

    Download ABC Kids Play Store

  2. Animals Puzzle for Kids:

    Animal puzzle for kids is another amazing free fun apps for kids. In this app, there are more than 100 different Animals Puzzles as a horse, cow, chicken, frog, mouse, peacock, monkey, and others. This is a fun and educational learning game app for preschool kids. The best feature of this app it will keep your kids busy yet you will never be worried about them losing any piece of the puzzles. There is a pleasant voice which will always encourage your kids and motivate them to continue to build their vocabulary, memory, and cognitive skills while playing.
    Animals Puzzle for Kids Android Apps

    Download Animals Puzzle for Kids Play Store

  3. Kids Doodle:

    Kids Doodle is good amazing and one of the best free drawing app for kids. This app is particularly designed for kids with amazing painting and drawing. You can easily paint on canvas or any photo with this amazing app. There are more than 15 amazing brushes such as glow, rainbow, crayon, spray, ribbon, various brush so you can use this for drawing your doodle. Easily share your doodle via Facebook, twitter, and other social networks. It has amazing free and more than 20 beautiful brushes and also supports a unique movie mode.
    Kids Doodle Color Draw

    Download Kids Doodle Play Store

  4. Kids piano:

    Kids piano is one of the best free piano apps for kids. This is an amazing piano app with amazing animations, HD illustrations, and sound.This app entertains your kids with a colorful piano while learning piano sounds. Every kid must enjoy this app while your kids learning to enjoy and explore music. Kids piano app is kids friend, kids music teacher and also it is a mother’s helper to keep children quiet. Easy to use and user-friendly free app for all kids to play and learn piano.
    Kids piano Android Apps

    Download Kids piano Play Store

  5. Monster Trucks:

    Moster trucks is one of the best app for kids for truck racing. In this app your kids have to race against other trucks, which slow down when they are ahead, to give your child the best chance of winning the race. The best feature of this app, your kids can collect stars, fireworks and balloon popping are at the end of each level to give more excitement to the kids playing. All kids must enjoy this app with 15 amazing cool looking monster trucks with 42 levels to blaze across.
    Monster Trucks Game for Kids

    Download Monster Trucks Play Store

  6. Doctor Kids:

    Doctor kids is another amazing free learning, educational, and entertainment app for kids. Children are coming to the clinic, injured or suffering from various diseases, and they need your help to get better. This app has beautiful high-quality HD graphics, easy to use interface, and includes 6 thematic minigames. There are tons of colorful plasters, bandages, braces, glasses and syrup flavors so your kids must enjoy this app for fun. Once you appoint the little patients to the right doctor’s office, you can have fun playing interactive minigames and treat kids in no time.
    Doctor Kids Android Apps

    Download Doctor Kids Play Store

  7. Kids Music Instruments Sounds:

    This is another an amazing free app for kids to play music. In this app, your kids can use any of the music instruments and easily read the instructions and use the favorite music instrument. It has real instrument sounds, designed for kids with simple navigation and bright child-friendly graphics, and other more amazing features. There are a xylophone, drum kit, piano, saxophone, trumpet, flute, acoustic guitar, and other music instruments so your kids must enjoy them. If your child like percussion instruments then they will also enjoy the bongo drums often referred to as bongos.
    Kids Music Instruments Sounds

    Download Kids Music Instruments Sounds Play Store

  8. Kids Education:

    This educational app is best for 3-5 years old preschoolers; The best thing about this application is that the game is completely clean from ads and will let your child’s brilliance soar through its great puzzles. There are four fun, colorful and educational sections, “Preschool Education” has 96 puzzles specifically designed to contribute to exercise.
    This application can improve the child’s basic ability to think . “Preschool Education” aims to be as educational and beneficial as possible that is the best feature of this application. Being fathers themselves, these developers know how important -and tricky- it can be to keep children interested while learning.
    kids education

    Download Kids Education Play Store

  9. Baby Phone:

    Baby phone is a toy phone app for kids with a lively and colorful interface this phone game will help your kids learning animals, animal sounds, and others. This is an amazing free learning games app for kids 3 to 4 years old. To play phone baby first, hit the call button to see the full list of animals as pictures in the phone book. This app is easy to use and user-friendly for all kids, enjoy this amazing best free apps for kids.
    Baby Phone Numbers Animals

    Download Baby Phone Play Store

  10. Animal sounds:

    Animal sounds is best learning apps for kids. Your kids know different animals and their sound by using this app. There is the best feature as what animal is it, which can teach them to recognize the animals and their sounds. One of the best features of this app as clicks on the animal to replay name and sound. This gaming, learning game is designed for preschool kids so that they can easily know about all animals and their sounds. In this app there are more collection of different animals easily find any of them.
    Animal sounds App for kids

    Download Animal sounds Play Store


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