Android Text Messaging: Text messaging (also referred to as SMS) has been around long before Android and iPhone smartphones. It’s an ever increasingly popular way to communicate with someone else because you don’t have to worry about if they are busy or by their phone since they can read your message at any time and reply when they get a chance. Of course there are those who use it to have long conversations where a phone call would make more sense.

Like most modern phones today, Android smartphones have the ability to send text messages to other phones or even email addresses. The Android text messaging feature comes installed on all Android phones and is pretty easy to use. There are other SMS applications you can download with more features but the builit in one will do the job just fine for most people.

android text messaging app

The first thing you need to make sure of before starting to text message your friends is that your phone plan has the text messaging feature activated otherwise it will not work. You should also be aware that most plans charge you for each text message sent or received unless you have bulk plan that gives you so many text messages for a certain price per month.

How To Android Text Messaging ?

To send a text message on your Android phone simply tap the Messaging icon to open the messaging app. Once you open the app you will have an option to compose a new message. If you have used messaging before it will also show any text messaging conversations you have not yet deleted. Notice the paperclip icon by the second message. That indicates that there is some sort of attachment such as a picture.

Once you tap on New message you will be able to add a person or multiple people from your contacts, type in a new phone number or multiple numbers or even enter an email address. Once you start typing in the To: box it will auto populate with names from your contacts.

 After entering in who you want to send the message to you can type your message or tap the microphone key to speak your message into the text box. Just be sure to check for any translation mistakes before sending your message. If you want to add an attachment like a picture you would press your menu button and choose the Attach option and pick the kind of attachment you would like to send.

 When you are finished you can tap on send to send the text message to the recipients.

The menu button on your phone will do different things depending on what screen you are in. If you are reading a text message you will have options such as calling the sender, attaching a file and deleting the thread. Text messages with back and forth conversations are called threads. If you are on the screen that shows the listing of all your current threads then the option button will allow you do things such as delete all the threads, compose a new message and search your messages.

From the main text messaging screen you can press the menu button to get to the text messaging settings. Here you can change options such as how many conversations per text or multimedia message are allowed, have a delivery report sent to you for each message you send and change your notification sounds and options.


  1. This article tells me nothing useful. I want to know how to ORDER the old messages in the list. They are completely whacked out as far as order received. Why doesn’t the newest one appear at the top of the list? And there seems to be no way to change this.


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