Applications for Android smartphones and tablets are notorious for not having any kind of close or exit feature. So when you go out of them back to your home screen for example the app stays running in the background. When the Android OS first came out there was no way to see these running tasks without finding another app to use to see open apps and then kill the ones you don’t want running. With newer versions of the Android OS the developers implemented the built in Android Task Manager.

The Android Task Manager is a built in application on most newer versions of the Android OS that allows you to monitor and stop running applications on your device. It is similar to other 3rd party apps such as Advanced Task Killer that you can download and install from the Android Market.

Features Of Build-In Task Manager For Android

With the Android Task Manager you can see which applications are running in the background and what kind of CPU and RAM resources they are using. If an app is running and you don’t need it to stay running then you can simply select that app and end it. You can also do this for multiple apps all at the same time. The list will show you which apps are running and which are not.

Android Task Manager

There is also the option to add the selected app(s) to the Auto-end list which will automatically end the apps that you add to the list 2 minutes after the display times out. You can tap on the Auto-end list to have it show you your apps and add multiple apps all at once.

If you go into the settings you can have the app display system and core apps in the applications list as well as set notifications to alert you when CPU and RAM resource consumption is high.


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