Android Browser Bookmarks : Almost everyone who uses a web browser has favorites or bookmarks of their sites that they go to most often. These bookmarks allow easy access to commonly used sites so you don’t have to remember the website name or address of the site you want to get to.

The built in Android web browser allows you to have bookmarks just like the web browser on your computer does. For many devices there will be bookmarks already setup in the browser and you may not have a need for these bookmarks and may want to get rid of them. Or you may want to add your own or edit bookmarks you previously saved.

To get to your bookmarks go to your browser and then press the menu button. From there tap on Bookmarks and this will display your current bookmarks.

To make changes to a bookmark simply long hold on that bookmark and it will bring up options for that bookmark.

There are many things you can do here to make changes to your bookmarks. Your options may or may not be the same as these.

The first options are to open the bookmark or open in a new window. This will open the webpage that the bookmark refers to either in the current window or a new window.

Edit bookmark allows you to change the properties of the bookmark for things like the name of the bookmark or the website URL that it points to.

The Share link option lets you send the bookmark information to someone else using methods such as in a text message, email or on Facebook etc.

The Add shortcut to Home option will place a shortcut to that website on your desktop for quick access.

Copy link URL copies the URL allowing you to paste it into another application or browser.

Delete Bookmark removes the bookmark from your browser if you don’t want it anymore.

How To Create a Shortcut Of  Your Favourite Websites on Android ?

  1. Open the browser in your Android smartphone or Tablet and then go to the particular website for which you wish to create a new book mark.
  2. Tap on the settings option (Three parellel vertical dots) located on the top right of the screen and then press the star symbol.
  3. Now it will open the bookmarks menu for you. Now, edit the web page’s name and select the folder in which you want to save your bookmarks.
  4. Go back to the settings menu of the browser, then open the Bookmarks folder. Now locate the bookmark which you have just created, and tap and hold your finger for few seconds on the bookmark if you want to place on your home screen.
  5. Congrats, you have created a shortcut of your favorite website by yourself.


  1. Not happy wih the forced change of bookmark set-up which installed itself without permission in April 2016 – will use a different better browser from now on.


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